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10 days Fudud called Jordan

With beautifully beautiful places, beautiful beautiful places, delicious food, and absolute sun – Jordan is one of the highest in the Middle East.

While you can squeeze the most important areas in a few days, we recommend you spend some time in Jordan. It will give you enough time to find out a few confidential things that you can take in any ancient history.

Are you ready to investigate? Here I bring 10 days to the Jordan River!

Association of Organizations

  • Day 1-2: Amman

  • Day 3: Jerash & Ajloun

  • Day 4: Dead Sea

  • Day 5: Wadi Rum

  • Day 6: Aqaba

  • Day 7-8: Petra

  • Day 9: Dana Biosphere Reserve

  • Day 10: Wadi Mujib

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Day 1: Amman

Hold the International Airport at Alia International Airport

Wrap up the capital of Amman, the heart and soul of the country. Take night to sleep easily and sleep on time to attract a jet.

If you have energy, go to Fakhr El-Din for dinner. It is one of my favorite restaurants and has a great range of local cuisine.

After a good night's rest, it is time to start to get a survey in the city of Amman! Begin the morning of the journey to Citadel, on the top of the hill Amman.

If you do not want to walk in the right direction, you can rent a taxi to get to the top.

Then, you can know the ancient ruins of Jordan. Attack on the Hercules Romans, the Byzantine Church, and the Umayyad.

Before returning to the hotel, look at the sunrise of King King Abdullah II. It is one of the best things to do in Amman, just 10 minutes away from Sufra Restaurant.

Located on the Rainbow Street, it is a convenient place for a charcoal, good service, and decorating a home.

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Day 3: Jerash & Ajloun

Daily journey from Amman to Jerash & Ajloun

Take a very good time to go to Jerash. It lies 50 minutes north of Amman, you will need to rent a car on a day or arrive in an organized tour.

When you are there, you can take time to explore Roman ruins. Go to ancient temples and amphitheaters have considered some of the best examples of Greco-Roman architecture.

Return to Amman, stop at Ajloun Castle. The Upper Mt Auf 1184 building, the castle, has a beautiful landscape of the Jordan River, which makes it a strategic hub of Crusaders.

It is an exciting visit to history that loves people who love to learn more about the former Jordanian confusion.

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on the Red Sea in Jordan

Day 4: Dead Sea

Amman to the Dead Sea Truck (about 1 hour 30 minutes)

Sell ​​your bags with one of the top attractions in Jordan – the Dead Sea. It is the lowest point of the Earth, sitting more than 400 meters below sea level.

The higher the level of sea oil makes the water more dense and helps you easily break down.

When you go on the beach, you can stop Mount Nebo. It is a biblical book of Moses standing and looked at the promised land of Canaan.

When you go to the Dead Sea, go to the mining machine. Cover your head to climb and put on all the skin care benefits.

The Masturbator Deaths are known to identify skin skin and reduce the skin, layer, and lines.

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Wadi Rum in Jordan

Day 5: Wadi Rum

Most Dead Sea Wadi Rum (About 4 hours)

Rainy Wadi Rum looks like outside the movie. The red stone is the crown junk of the countryside and is a great place for travelers.

One of the best ways to look at an image is to have a jeep trip. From 9am and 4pm, you will take you to the top attractions such as Lawrence Springs, Khazali Canyon, Red Sand Dunes, Burdah Arch, Um Frouth Arch and more!

Finish your day by staying comfortable with Bedding clothes. You will walk in the heart of the desert and chickens of the true Jordanian "Zarb," cooked pots in the oven.

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struck the Jordan River

Day 6: Learn

From Wadi Rum to Aqaba (about 1 hour)

Before moving on inland, take it to the coastal town of Aqaba to get one aqua adventure once. Acaba is known as the world's pretzels and the beauty of swimming.

If you want to get away from the crowds, make your tourist tour on the Southeast Coast. The benefits are in danger and in places such as Marsa Alam. Elphinstone Reef and Abu Dhabab will see your foolish, throat, and many of the sea's colorful colors.

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The last guide for petra

Day 7 & 8: Petra

From Aqaba to Petra (approx 2 hours)

Staying 60 miles, you will need two days to find out Lost City of Petra. It will give you enough time to see all the major and some mysterious shocks.

The best time to visit Petra is early morning or afternoon. You will be far away from the crowd who are hot to heat the heat.

Petra at Night

The real exercise experience is the first night in Petra. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, you can buy a ticket to visit overnight – so stay in your travel! You walk through the candle window until you reach Förth.

It has been highlighted that more than 1,500 candles have turned the blind into destruction.

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Dana Biosphere Reserve mountain in the Jordan

Day 9: Dana Biosphere Reserve

Get up from Petra to Dana Biosphere Reserve (about 1h 40 min)

Five days after the Jordan River exploration, it's a very easy time. After enjoying a great breakfast at your hotel, put them in your bags and continue Dana Biosphere Reserve.

Often it is called Yosemite in Jordan, it has more than 700 species of plants, 190 species of birds, 37 breasts and 36 different species.

Prepare for your roof in the desert. You can rent a guide from one of the Bedaceda clans if you want to learn more about the history and the story.

At the end of your day sitting on the camp and surrounding. As always the light of light, it is the best place to test the skills of the symptoms!

Day 10: Wadi Mujib

Wadi Mujib in Jordan

Dana Biosphere Reserve transfer to Wadi Mujib (about 3 hours 30 minutes)

Get up early and Wadi Mujib is beautiful. The natural site is one of the most attractive attractions in Jordan and is featured on tourists throughout the world.

You need to come to people before you want to find a biosphere to find out. It is not permitted for a reservation, and the first store operators first serve it.

When you arrive, close a living jacket and prepare for a fun day. The guide will help you with stone storms, waterproof and fast water.

Do not forget to close important things like your GoPro and dry bags that are not water.

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Jordan is an unusual country and one of my highest travel destinations! It's packed with amazing natural, rich history, and a good meal.

Follow the 10-day haul of Jordan and the best exploration in the country!