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10 Local Foods Try in Japan

Although he explored Tokyo, I was offered a new food! Japan is too heavy & # 39; POPPIN & # 39; when it comes to wonderful food and beauty.

When most people think about Japanese food, they think of a suit or ramen but when you feed Japanese culture and foods, you will find lots of delicious foods to taste.

Different chemicals and substances are used in these dishes, making them very diverse in any of the world's. In fact, these foods describe the word "umami," which relates to medium-sized and often-based foods.

If you are visiting Japan or want to try Japanese food in your home, consider one of these 10 foods!

Where to Find Best Food in Tokyo

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You are probably familiar with ramen as it stays from a stormy meal … and a good reason!

The nutritional food was originally made with chicken bones but was made up of modern, pork, beef, and marine products, using different types of apples. There are many different types. So that.


Fresh juice with indoor gold and golden brown, gooza is a fried Japanese powder.

Fill the crops or proteins, the sweet buds are used in special stores, izakaya, ramen shops, shops, and even parties.


South American literature is becoming more challenging than in Japan.

Sushi in Japan is normally used for beverages, fish, and nori (seaweed). There is no doubt that there is no avocado on a table or cock! It's about sweetness. You can find in suits in small areas, high places, 7/11 (yes, really!), And of course, the dishes in the boot dishes.

At the "sushi train", you can enjoy cake for 100 times. That's less than one dollar! Prepare to correct the date plates when you test all the foods.

okonamyaki - small meals

In the economy

The american is a Japanese soft pet that can contain substances.

The name is derived from the term "okonomi", which means "like your favorite" or "your favorite" and "yaki" meaning "cooked". Food can include green onions, soft stomach, pork and even cheese.

Miso Soup

Sausage is a traditional broth of the two essential Japanese noodles.

It is usually made of a product called "dash" and a soft jacket. It is popular that 75% of all Jabbani use a screw soup at least once a day, even at breakfast. That's a lot of soup!


Karaage, sometimes called Tatsuta, is fried chicken, soy sauce, salt, and other plants. Where it includes ketchup or velvet, it is usually sprinkled on the island. You will usually get it using rice and cabbage in his or her own.

It was one of the famous dishes of Anthony Bourdain and I think most of all.

Katsudon but Tonkatsu

Tonkatsu is a dish that contains a large chicken cooked meal with Japanese Salad Salad, rice, and salad.

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Stove Noodle

Stove is Japanese for buckwheat and steak noodle made from flour made with sugar and sugar sugar. The noodles are often added to eggs, tempura, and other items.

The pasta is available in a variety of areas, from many restaurants "a café" with expensive and expensive prices.

Square Raisu

Excuse is not just a Indian dish!

The Raisu is one of Japan's most popular dishes, with rice with curry. Basic ingredients are onions, carrots, and potatoes, cats, pork, and poultry.

10 Local Foods Try in Japan- Tempura


Tempura is a dish that is the sea, meat, or fresh vegetables sprinkled with flour and oily fried oily oil. It has been influenced by cookies by Portuguese producers in Nagasaki in the 16th century.

And it was the bank influence that gave the name tempura its name! It comes from & # 39; Ad tempora cuaresme, & # 39; which means "Lent's time." When Portuguese servicemen did not eat meat at the time of rent, they found other things to change. It's very interesting when you get the influence of cultural integration, huh?

10 Local Foods Try Japan - Beef Crops

Payments: Skin + 7-Eleven

Japanese sweets! They have a great form of sweets and sweets in sweet green tea where it comes from a green ice cream up to mochi make pizza (say it five times!).

I know the 7-eleven Americans are all about snacks and layers … but the 7th Japan is very good! You can find everything from the younger (sushi honors!) And the spread of sweets in Japan!

If the opportunity is given, I strongly suggest the test on everything listed on this list. Japanese food is full of flavors and flavors and should not be missed.

What is your favorite Japanese food?