10 Hotel Tips Nobody Introduces

I lost count of how many hotels I live in. Hundreds, sure, and every continent except Antarctica. From the coastal areas of St. Kitts up and down, up in Tokyo, to a castle on the coast along the northern coast of Scotland, I've been to some really beautiful places. We also stayed hot with heat in Vegas with my tap roogaya and rugs so fine to see the table below. The memory of the hereafter still makes me itchy.

Over the years I have come up with a number of tips and tricks I use at any hotel, from your 5-star-in-your-shoes-to-your-bathroom-star. Between a piece of the brain and to reduce anger and maintain a safe and healthy during your trip. Starting with…

What touches everyone but rarely cleanses them? Quickly strike a child wipes or moist (not wet) hand towel to help a bit.

Need to keep your room temperature outside the United States? Twenty degrees is a good place to start.