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10 tips for your first Australian

Australia is the birthplace of Blonde Abroad and will always have a special place in my heart (We came up with this idea and sat down at the cafe near Sydney Harbor!).

When I first left the company looking for something other, my first stay Australia. I lived almost two months on the East coast of the Oz and did not get enough!

The country has a unique and diverse range of beauty – there is a coastal city in Sydney, an artistic center in Melbourne, and a beautiful place between.

From other glasses of the world to the spots in places … and do not even get me food – Australia has the right to get your list of bucks. Are you ready to live in the bottom of your life?

Here are my top tips on your first trip to Australia!

Bondi Beach, Sydney

Take a Mirror Long

Did you know that Australia has the highest level of skin cancer in the world?

The sun is stronger than Australia and needs to be respected. This means that they use regular sun glasses, wear sunglasses, and protective clothing, as well as a hat during the days. You will also see small children working around daytime sunscreen and fishing (helmets).

Take care of your skin seriously!

Why you're going to travel to the Reef-Reserve

Even though you wear a sunscreen it is very important to keep your skin, do you know that it can damage our earth?

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In the summer of melbourne

Seasons are changed

If you come from Northern Hemisphere, make sure you keep in mind that the season changes. In Australia, like in the rest of South Africa and most of South America, Christmas is actually happening in the hot moments of the year.

It can be a bit frustrating when you read local people as they refer to months from February to February until the summer. Keep in mind when planning your weather too!

The touches are different

Australian cables are type I (230V / 50HZ) …

which is similar to those in China. We would greatly choose to buy international equipment with strong protection. One-third-person access saves many problems. It works only at anywhere so you are not worried you bring the correct address.

Protect yourself

I'm not talking about the recordings!

In Australia, it is a problem with more than two legs you need to watch! Australia is actually one of the safest places in the world, but there are many things that absorb poisons … and snakes, and gels.

If you leave the wildlife (what's called aussies called walking), be sure to keep track of Jack Jumpers

Melbourne is Must

When opening the map and keeping an eye on the Australian flats, the size of its slopes is very high. As new Aussie, the options seem uncomfortable and easy to find out where you are going.

After exploring the good part of the country, I went down to the top of Melbourne.

Food for food and restaurants, Melbourne is a vibrant city. Visit a tour of the first day and explore solo! It may feel a bit of relief, but around the dark black night, in fact, is the best way to get the points in Melbourne.

Sea Cliff Bridge, New South Wales

Rent of the car

You must move on the other side of the road, but it is worth it! Many of the rent paid will give you both car books and cars, so you do not need to worry if you do not know how to handle a wat. Australia is a big country, and a car is necessary if you want to see all of it.

If you have time, plan your rent for your car for a road trip.

Find the Great Ocean Road, Gold Coast, Great Barrier Reef, and then prepare for delays. Make sure you take time out of the Adelaide country and then end up in Sydney. Although it was Melbourne really beat my heart, the Sydney beach had the love of San Diego and I'm happy.

It should be taken during the day.

Try to avoid getting drunk at night-especially in the night and at night-because it is when the animal pies out of cooking. Roadkill is a major event in Australia and is working with the loss of many points. Your trip will be very enjoyable if you can stick to a car during the day.

No need for advice

Just thank you!

Did you know the minimum wage is $ 18.93 AUD per hour (approximately $ 13)? Unlike in the United States while the server relies on advice, Aussie's staff make an hourly wage that does not wait for tips.

Find Tasmania

If you have time to get more, submit to Tasmania. Hobart attractions in cities is a hidden cost and sometimes you can even get a view of the South Aurora (Aurora Australis)! A Smithsonian hint in Southern Nursery is full of great information!

Buy SIM Card

Finding a SIM card will make it much easier for Australia. The cards are cheap (usually you get around $ 2), and you can get a low cost data plan.

Generally, Optus or Amusement is a good option for rural cover. If you are going to leave the metro area, Telstra offers extensive coverage of price slightly higher.

Australian road signs

Avoid Depression

As Aussie's way, when you go down, leave left. It keeps track of the walking flow of the walk properly and stops slowly.


Australia is an unacceptable place full of space and is a great place to meet, especially if you are a first-class journey. Give a fantastic time, a friend!

Oh, and be sure to buy Tams's hair while you're there – they responded to the Aussie of Oreo. Thank you later!

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