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10 tips for your first trip to South Africa

South Africa is a great place for all types of travel. If you are an interesting junkie or allow your stomach to travel, there's something for everyone.

If you are busy planning your first trip to the country, follow my my advice below and let you know for yourself why I have accepted South Africa as my second home.

You may also know that South Africa is not a large area of ​​nomadic clans and five large animals. There are large cities, unusual natural habitats, millions of people and, of course, many wildlife experiences.

To help you walk to the local culture that prepares you to be unthinkable, here is the top ten tips for your South African journey!

Royal Malewane in Kruger National Park

South Africa's safety

Let's just ask South Africa if it's safe. The answer is yes, as long as you use common sense and be aware of your surroundings.

If you want to search for Cape Town or Johannesburg's life, do not miss Uber and do not even walk around at night even if you're just going to just one-third. As Harlem's New York is not the closest neighbor to the city, there are the same locations in South Africa.

Always ask locally if safe zone before you start.

But if you stick to the most important tourist attractions and do not fall into your value at the wrong place, your South African trip must be free of charge.

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Woodstock, Cape Town

Learn about Neighborhood Policy

South Africa has 11 official languages. Although English is the third language spoken, South Africa has embarked on their unique integration and has been involved in African languages ​​and Zulu vocabulary so well.

Here are some of the most famous words in South Africa where they have been learning your journey before:

  • Aikona: Direct translation does not mean your life.
  • Babbelas: This is a low-cost issue.
  • Eina: This is used to describe a sharp pain.
  • Food: This is the word Khoi San and is used to express shock or surprise.
  • Haiybo: This is the word Zulu which does not mean.
  • Conditions: A famous greeting is used instead of hi, how are you?
  • Now: Although it seems to mean now, the fact does not mean that time is set.
  • Lekker: This is an African word that means it's great, big, or good.
  • Now, now: This means now or as soon as possible.
  • Robot: South Africa announces robots.
  • Shy: It is not a word, but you will hear this term when it is used when South Africans are thinking of something truth or if they are too complex.
  • Highest: The pilots are the local stage for pedestrians.

South Africa

Taking 10-15% of the restaurants in South Africa is a normal activity. If you are in the past, people often leave any small change from the bill.

If you rent a car in South Africa, you will be contacted by the country's car guard. These are people who will protect your car while you are running your activity to change two Rands.

I always have my Uber drivers, petrol, etc. Even if it is R 10, it goes on and can assist staff in the service industry get access to basic food.

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Cape Point

You can drink Tap water

South Africa has some clean water in the world. It is good to drink the right tape, so you should not worry about buying bottles in the water during your trip.

Be sure to bring a bottle of recycled water and fill it all the day!

Buy travel insurance

South Africa is an unusual place for travelers. You can skip the world's largest business world, go a lot of interesting things from Drakensberg or some of the Lion Lion Head of the Lion.

If you are planning to get adrenaline surgery during your trip, be sure your travel insurance will cover you with a lot of sports activities!

You will also need general travel insurance. While South Africa is a very far country to travel to most people, it is a good idea to ensure that you are covered with an invitation to travel to hospital trips.

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Camps Bay, Cape Town

Buy a Regional Sim Card

As soon as you fly to South Africa and pick up your equipment, buy a Vodacom card with one of the on-site sellers. You can get a data kit that can help you connect and as well as the hours of the activities that you need to do.

Keep Money

Although credit cards are widely accepted looga South Africa, you will still need to take a trip to cash. We advise you to check your ATM when you arrive.

You will find the exchange rate for machines using the exchange rate exchange rate at the airport.

If you are traveling to Cape Town and using a local SIM card (with a local number) you can download the Snapscan app. It is an app that connects your credit cards to buy a variety of stores and sellers with QR code. Shop for restaurants and shops use single card payments at once.

Cape Town, South Africa

Use Uber

The best way to get around Cape Town and Johannesburg is Uber. The service is reliable, and is cheaper than the tax rate.

In addition, Uber South Africa investigates their driver and ensures that their driver's license is authentic.

Referee Referee

Rent a Car

If you want to explore South Africa on the famous road or you can pass through Mountains Drakensberg to the Top of Africa in Lesotho – you will need a car.

Fortunately, car rental rates are very low compared to the neighboring countries of South Africa. In addition, if you have beaches, you can also go on the Kruger National Park for a long time!

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Together with a variety of cultures, different types of farmland and animal products – do not let the negative image in South Africa make you explore these unsatisfactory countries. Keep in mind these tips for South Africa travel, and you will have a wonderful time exploration of the Rainbow Nation!

Do you have any advice for travelers visiting South Africa in? Please check out the comments below!