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Local cuisine to try Portuguese

There is nothing right that comes to mind when you think of Portuguese food

I have to say, before visiting Portugal, I'm not sure I've ever eaten Portuguese food and I don't know what kind of dishes I will find there. I imagine you could be in the same boat. Known for their seafood and spices, Portuguese food is the best Mediterranean food!

So if you are a newbie in terms of Portuguese food or are well versed in dishes, I suggest you try one of these! Oh and don’t even get me started on the wonderful markets and their new products…

Here are 10 local cuisines that you really need to try when visiting Portuguese!

Portuguese food

Cozido à Portuguesa

Cozido a Portuguesa is one of the most popular Portuguese dishes, but even with its popularity, it is difficult to trace its origin.

The dish itself is a package of meat, sausage, and vegetables. Every region in Portugal has its own differences… so you may just need to try this everywhere you go!

For example, in the northeastern part of Portugal, cozido contains roasted sausage (happyheira), blood sausage (morcela), and sausage mixed with game (alheira). In the algarve, dishes are usually served with mint and potatoes.

Feel free

Cheese is the Portuguese equivalent of comfort food. It's stew beans, bacon, and vegetables. Depending on the taste of garlic, shell, garlic, and paprika.

If you are traveling along the coast, you may find the fermentation that replaces pork with seafood.

Peixinhos and Horta

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Caparica, Portuguese

Alheira de Mirandela

Alheira de Mirandela is a vessel with a long history.

When the Jews were deported to Portugal in the late 1400s, they sought refuge in the mountains of Tras-os-Montes in northeastern Portugal. They pretended to convert to Catholicism for safety and one way to introduce this was to eat sausages so everyone thought they were no longer kosher.

Since then, the dish has become popular in every restaurant and restaurant in the country. It is also very budget friendly!

Sardinhas Assadas

Sardinhas assadas are a typical Portuguese comfort food. Face & # 39; sardines & # 39; mashed usually involves the absence of fish, bones and all. When eaten, avoid the spine by biting the side.

Warm white meat is paired with the scented skin to absorb the fragrant ribs.


Simply put, bifana – a Portuguese national bread – is DELICIOUS pork bread.

Much like cozido, bread will vary depending on the region you are visiting. Speaking of sandwiches, if you are visiting Porto, you should try Francesinha Sandwich, the famous Portuguese cuisine in Porto.

Arroz de Marisco

Arroz de marisco is a food-based rice that includes a mustard, chocolate, lobster, lobster, crab, scallops, and rice. It is very similar to the Spanish paella, but can often have a stew-like quality.


Açorda is a dish made from daily bread and cooked eggs, served with a thick soup.

This dish is a staple food from Alentejo. If you go indoors, the dish is enhanced with meat such as wild game and seafood, and the brand might include fry or fish.

caldo verde portugal

Caldo Verde

Caldo verde is a Portuguese soup consisting of potatoes, greens, olive oil, garlic, onions, and salt. Some foods can add meat such as ham, making this a Italo-American wedding soup. It is a delicious and healthy meal on a cold day.

Polvo a Lagareiro

If you still don’t know, the Portuguese love their seafood.

This really does have a caramel sauce again, a dish containing all cooked octopus and then roasted garlic and olive oil. You will find this dish in every city in the country, albeit best in Nazareth, a coastal village.

Portuguese egg tart pastel de nata

Pastel de Nata

And last but not least, Portuguese dessert!

Pastel de nata is a sweet and creamy egg that has a habit. It contains flour, butter, cinnamon, eggs, and of course, sugar. The dough has a nice outer shell that melts in your mouth the minute you bite. Enjoy a Portuguese cup of coffee and you will feel like you are in heaven.

In general

While many people are unfamiliar with Portuguese food, it is a country full of luxury dishes, delicious fish foods, and desserts that will leave you with much to do.

If you are visiting Portugal or just want to give the dishes a chance in your city, try one of these 10 dishes that you can get a true sense of the vegetarian landscape really is like!

I love hearing about the Portuguese dishes you tried in the comments below!

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