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Turkish cuisine as we know it today developed in the & # 39; s Ottoman Empire as it expanded and associated with many different influences. In modern Turkish cuisine, you will find flavors from the Middle East, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Balkans.

As Turkish cuisine overseas becomes increasingly difficult for meat, homemade food is largely based on eggs, garlic, corn, zucchini, pistachios, and cheaters. It really is a variety of flavors. You will need to try at least a few dishes to get a real taste.

Are you still hungry? Here are the top 10 recipes I try in Turkey!

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Turkish Delight

You may have tried to please Turkey outside Turkey, but you rarely get the good stuff abroad. The traditional Turkish desserts are made with aromatic flavors of veg Bergamot, orange, mastic, or lemon.

You will find shops selling Turkish delicacies in a rainbow colored bow. They seem to be biting so you can easily try them all!


Pure, creamy, soft, and oh-so-sweet, baklava is everything that dessert is meant for. In Turkey, baklava making is an art form and each artist has a signature. You will find baklava with seeds, pistols, or a variety of sweet and savory herbs such as honey, bread or orange flowers.


Some might refer to this as a love child & # 39; jell & # 39; & # 39; bagel & # 39 ;. These interests and rooga dough usually covered with sesame seeds.

While they are a great time, it is amazing if you can pick one as they cook in the oven. They are a delicious snack to take while traveling around Istanbul!

And they are fun to take pictures of, do you think? 🙂


If you love the concept of cheese as a dessert, it will be love at first sight when you are eyeing the kunefe! The sweet cheese dough is made in a pan filled with melted cheese and soaked in sweet syrup. Yum !!

beacun turkish food


Like Pizza without ice cream but absolutely nothing, candy is the perfect food for Friday. Made with & # 39; flatbread plate & # 39; covered with more advanced meat and plants, this is a common food to pick.

istanbul food balik ekmek

Balik Ekmek

One of Istanbul's most popular cuisines, you'll find these sandwiches with grilled or roasted fish with a variety of vegetables inside the new Turkish bread.

Their Boregi

Also known as water wells, su böreği includes fiber and cheese. In the summer, you will find vendors from all over Turkey cities who are selling fast and easy meals like this. Most of Turkey is beautiful all year round so it is always a good time to cool off with good food. Awesome, anyone? 🙂

istanbul food kofta


This meat / seafood dish is popular throughout India, Central Asia, the Caucasus region, the Middle East and the Balkans. I tried to tell you what exactly this item is but it is an impossible task. I was told that there are 291 different types of cores!

You'll even find vegan and coconut vegetables. In vegan selection, try batırık köftesi, which takes ordinary eggs and replaces them with tahini. Çiğ köfte is a wonderful vegetable option made of lentil.


Say hello to the Turkish version of roasted potatoes!

This classic dish is made with salt, butter, and potato cheese. But they will not stop there! You'll find everything from sliced ​​cabbage to coleslaw to Russian salads to olives to cucumber heat.

What kind of toppings would you choose?

turkey breakfast

Turkish Breakfast

While many of us think it is something special on a Sunday, the people of Turkey are hit by the deadly storm seven days a week.

For regular Turkish breakfast, you will find a table full of food. We are talking about cheese (feta is common here); bread covered with sesame seeds; a number of jams and downsides; egg; and, of course, and the delicious Turkish coffee to wash them all.

In general

While you will find amazing Turkish cuisine throughout, Istanbul is a full superstar. Every street is full of delicious food. Before you go, take a look at your guide to discover the best food in Istanbul.

Let me know if you have tried any of these Turkish foods in the comments below or if you have any money and don't make this list!

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