10 Places to Visit in Southern California

DONE – On my recent #GayRoadTrip with GayTravel.com, I took a week to travel from Los Angeles to San Diego, ending with the San Diego Pride.

I rainy rooga with cars, we moved to the area attractions in Hollywood Hollywood, through my small towns along the coast (including Super LGBTQ-friendly Laguna), and ends with La Jolla and San Diego. Lots of sunshine, rain, and beaches! Check out my travel blog below at my favorite places in Southern California.

Of all the regular journeys on U.S. Highways, the Pacific Coast Highway in Southern California is one of the most dangerous. There's a reason the California nickname is the "Golden State" and it's not just because of the gold rush; the golden sunset on the west coast is some of the most beautiful in America. The best way to fix it is learned during the road trip in Southern California.

The best road trips include a tour of the unusual places and ideas and see, maybe start to finish, but also a lot of time out on the road designed to looga beaten. In Southern California, where transit routes literally mean hundreds of beaches and trails, there are no shortcuts to destinations.

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Southern California – Road Trip Trails

10 Places to Visit SoCal Road Trip

West of Hollywood

Famous for its nightlife (and many gay bars and clubs), West Hollywood is one of the most exciting and vibrant places in Los Angeles County. Santa Monica Boulevard is running the length of the city with a large number of restaurants, shops, and bars.

Beverly Hills

Part of the greater Los Angeles area, the city of Beverly Hills (in addition to its famous & # 39; 90210 zip code & # 39;) is also a popular residential area. It's a great place to visit during the day of shopping, which is the famous Beverly Center, and of course the long way to shopping on Rodeo Drive.

Santa Monica

On the west side of downtown Los
Los Angeles, and along the coast, Santa Monica is a bustling city with its beauty
parts of the towers, but also a colder climate along the coast. A
the beautiful sandy beach makes it one of Los Angeles' many coastal areas

The Santa Monica Pier has rustic rugs, glass, modern restaurants, and an outdoor gym. It's a great place to relax in the afternoon from the ruins of Los Angeles.

At the place
Los Angeles

If you are planning to visit the largest tourist attractions in Los Angeles – everything from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Universal Studios, Griffith Observatory, shopping on Rodeo Drive, Santa Monica Pier, to the Los Angeles Area Museum (and much more) ) – better to be in the middle. Staying in or around Beverly Hills and West Hollywood provides the best access to both daytime (shopping & leisure) and evening (restaurants and clubs) in Los Angeles.

Elan Hotel (Beverly Hills) it is a 20 minute walk (or 2 minute Uber) from Santa Monica Boulevard and the famous Hollywood Hotel, and is almost identical to the picturesque Beverly Hills. A general store, an independent part of the property The Greystone Hotel group, comfortable sized rooms with plenty of amenities.

Breakfast is served daily, and on weekdays until 7pm, the hotel offers free wine and cheese. Check out more photos here and find hotel deals & # 39; Elan Hotel (Los Angeles) here. For people traveling on the road, there are VIP parking lots as well as some parking.


Directly south of Santa Monica, Venice
The beach is best known for its hippie lifestyle. Great beach on the beach
The Boardwalk, and the Venice Pier are popular resorts with many colorful trails
makers, street art, and shops & sellers (it's especially beautiful inside
early evening).

Not to be overlooked by the city of Venice, Italy, the city of Venice in California also has a number of handmade people just a few blocks off the coast. It is truly a beautiful place with a great picture, and great for summers in the multi-million-dollar, modern houses across the channel.

Jack & # 39; s Surfboards - Huntingon Beach

Huntington Beach

Although the Pacific Ocean is abundant
swimming (and frankly: a little cool to swim), Huntington Beach
especially prominent on the surface. An hour or so south of Los Angeles,
Huntington Beach has a large beach, expanding the coastline and fishing grounds.

The city center has many beach and beachfront shops, and for those who do not want to learn swimming lessons, there is even the International Exploration Museum where you can learn more about sports.

The coast of Laguna

The coast of Laguna

Another coastal city south of Los Angeles
and the long stretch of the Pacific Coast, Laguna Beach is famous for its art
community. She also has a long history of gay travel; there
some gay bars and attractions show every Wednesday and Sunday in the city!

Located on Lake Laguna, Crystal Cove State Park is a beautiful place (personally one of my favorite parts of the Pacific Coast Route) with underwater parking and spectacular views. There is even a cheap restaurant called & # 39; Beachcomber Café & # 39; at Crystal Cove Beach – a natural seafood restaurant that serves steak and seafood.

Dana Point

In another coastal town, Dana Point has a
a great harbor and seaside and a popular place to join dolphin or fishing-river
shipping. A short drive from Laguna, the lands around Dana Point are
all a little bit higher than in other areas and thus provide additional insights and more
Coast of the Pacific Ocean.

Located on the hill above Dana Point Marina, the Cannons Seafood Restaurant and Grill has one of the best views in the region (and great food, too!). Open for nearly 50 years serving seafood and antique, restaurant & # 39; s restaurant & # 39; it has an outdoor terrace suitable for small or large events.

La Jolla

In the suburb of San Diego, La Jolla is a
a beautiful coastal city famous for its many wildlife. The city sits down
around the stairs of the sea where tigers and sea lions are swimming in the sea,
Caffers, and smokers.

As usual in the coastal city, is a good place to cool down and take in nature, using the movement of water sports and sometimes when you want something a bit more active. The Birch Aquarium, part of the University of California system, maintains a beautiful collection of fish, including many oceans.

Don't miss out Black Coast near La Jolla – the unofficial homosexual beach in the state – where vagina is common. At the bottom of the mountain, going to the Black Sea & # 39; s is not easy, but it is also not difficult. The beach has no backup, though, so make sure you bring enough water and sunglasses!

Where to Live

The Hotel & # 39; Empress Hotel & # 39; La Jolla is a short walk to the beach, making it a great place to stay for tourists who want a beach vacation. With a mini-bar and microwave in the room, it's an ideal option for those looking to get closer to the beach for a longer stay, and a lobster restaurant (Manhattan) It serves high quality meat, seafood, and Italian specialties. Watch more photos here and find special deals for the Hotel & # 39; Empress Hotel (La Jolla).

Coronado Island

Beyond the Big Bay from San Diego is
Coronado Island, looga easily available through a flat patch of Credit
in heaven. Other coastal cities, this is a bit cold
soft sandy beaches, and beach cafes, bars, and even the beach
serving great margaritas.

Head to the Hotel del Coronado Hotel
with its spectacular structure affected by Orient and red-orange processes
the ceiling. The hotel is one of the largest wooden buildings on the west coast
and thus serves as a historical symbol. It is also in front of you
the largest stretch of sandy beach with many waves along the coast.

San Diego

Of all the cities in Southern California, San Diego is probably best appreciated by its local nature. It is a cold, back, sunny city that is both cold and one-time. In the center of town, there is the great Balboa Park – a large green public land. At Balboa Park, you'll find plenty of San Diego's best things to do, which are the San Diego Zoo, but it's also where most of the events and festivities take place, including the San Diego Pride every July.

With over 3,500 animals, the San Diego Animal Shelter was one of the original animals that made it popular (safe) to keep animals on an open show, giving them more freedom.

The Hillcrest neighborhood of downtown San Diego is home to most of the LGBTQ nightlife, packed with bars, clubs, and shops. But the real highlight is a 65-foot-tall flag and a tall statue carrying a rainbow flag of 12 × 18 all year round. The rainbow flag serves as an important and beautiful statue for the LGBTQ community, San Diego & # 39; s LGBTQ-inclus inc.

Where to stay
San Diego

Part of the Greystone Hotel team, Bristol Hotel it is located in the Gaslamp district of downtown San Diego, making it a great base for city investigators. The rooms are scattered and beautifully decorated with modern design (known as floor tiles). Starting with the Bristol hotel, it is easy to get around to the rest of the city by car or Uber, or even in public transit. Check out more photos here and find deals at Bristol Hotel (San Diego).

Crossing the road California it is a beautiful American tour. It takes in all of its favorite places and scenery, from the picturesque streets along the Pacific Coast Road to the wonderful national parks and wildlife along the way, from the beautiful coastal towns & underground. happening in the Orange Country to mega-greats (and Los Angeles traffic).

California, the state of friendship and openness that it is, also welcomes LGBTQ travelers. Friendly hotels throughout the state, up to the open road, Southern California makes for a fantastic road trip destination.

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