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Simple Ways to Make the Environment Better for Your Home

April 22 is Earth Day!

The Bay & # 39; s movement began in 1970 – this year is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! As such, encouraging public participation and awareness of the state of our planet.

You all need to take a day to celebrate this wonderful world and encourage environmental activity, but in my mind, every day is Earth Day. 🙂

That said, there are simple and easy ways locally looga can alert!

Limit plastic

There are 51 trillion plastic bags in the world. It seems to be used for the capture of the salmon, and the transition to safer marine life, coral reefs, and the planet.

And reducing the use of plastic is a wonderful way to get started!

If you use Ziploc bags, try reusing them when possible. If you cannot reuse and store yourself in a variety of soft and recyclable types, most stores have disposable places and you can store them in soft plastic for recycling.

Instead of Ziploc bags and plastic wrap, you can convert them into beeswax paper, reusable containers, glass jars, etc. I am a big fan of Stasher Bags at Ziploc bags and use it every day.

Luxury Shops stores have tons of great home-free products!

Review what your city is really recycling to find out – and be sure to clear ALL your returns.

Make recycling waste

Putting waste in a plastic or styrofoam container for recycling can contaminate other products and is of particular importance for recycling in the first place. So be sure to check this out!

Compost Bin

Does the idea of ​​dumping rubbish in your backyard make you afraid? It doesn't have to be a bad thing! You can really get your own trash garbage to place under your toilet bowl (cover to seal any unwanted odors).

Cooking containers allow you to break down your natural material until it can be used in the garden!

Get your bags of cannabis

When shopping for food, bring your own backpacks! I like to pick up luggage bags from different places with memories and use them when I'm on the market.

In fact you can lighten the plastic production bag. Just present your fruits and veggies as they are.

Or, if you like to skip the plastic bags on the market and choose for yourself – you can use a reusable / reusable bag (it should be on display so the recorder can read the labels / labels for the bags).

Eat less meat + milk

In the United States, about 30-40% of total food waste disappears. By preserving food and serving what you really need, we can reduce the amount of food we send to the trash.

While you don’t have to go full-time vegetables, just switching to 1x meat a week makes a difference! It's easier than ever to find meat substitutes and there are delicious choices like Beyond Meat and Lightlife.

On top of eating less meat, you can make your own nutritious milk at home!

I bought Almond Cow last year to reduce the waste in my house. You can use any nut, seeds, or corn to make home-based milk – it makes 5-6 cups of fresh milk from the touch of a button colored Storage, chemicals or waste!

Use discount code & # 39; KIERSTEN & # 39; $ 15 for Almond Cow.

Cape Town, South Africa

Switch to Better Energy & Water –

Water is one of the most precious resources on the planet, and while it may seem difficult for only one person to be affected, you really can. Every step you take to help protect water issues.

The way I look at the world forever has changed in early 2018.

I was starting to settle down in my new home in Cape Town when I heard the noise: we were counting what was known as the fear "Day of Zero,"—This means that there are one million homes Cape Town would not have running water.

This opened my eyes, as we overcame major changes to our system and water use (my time in the shower and collecting the shower water to drain the toilet, was only a few steps).

There are some ways you can focus on your water use at home and make your family better water.

Switch to Water + Active Energy Products

First of all, this is a great investment, and in the future you will save both your water and electricity bill when you switch to natural toilets, bathrooms, washing machines, and lighting fixtures.

When You Wash clothes

When washing your clothes – choose cool water so you do not waste heat water. This bag helps reduce the number of microplastics going back to the water.

Natural Cleaning Products

Branch Foundations is a great company with a lot of natural cleaning products. If you can’t find it – Trader Joe & # 39; s has a wonderful selection of non-toxic cleaning products, too.

Switch to Reusable

Wherever you can, move on to sustainable products, recyclable, and digest consumer products.

I'm all for reusable water bottles (especially Hydro Flasks as they keep everything hot or cold!), And silicone chains.

Here are some other products that can be reused:


Don't worry, I will not recommend reusable toilet paper … but you can choose a toilet paper made from recycled materials – Provided by Crap is a wonderful brand that offers just that.

Also, though these are not popular in the US – don't hit a bidet until you try! You can be happy. You can easily install the Tushy Bidet toilet, so you can use less toilet paper.

Buy Local

Find your local CSA – short of Community Support Farms, to support small, local farms – and see if they offer a weekly production fund!

The more you buy locally – the better! In addition, most of the time you buy in a farmers market, does not depend on plastic.

Each and every one is helpful and you will find that many of these are really simple adjustments to make. 🙂

What advice do you have for being local? Let me know in the comments below!