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10 things you should do with dublin

The Emerald Isle development center, does not travel to Europe for a full tour of the capital of Ireland. A city rich in history, culture, and history, Dublin has everything for everyone.

I'll never forget my first time in Dublin. I had my first trip abroad and was traveling back to Europe when I came to see why everyone loves this little island. If you are looking for companions, historical sites, and a cold pint or two, do not turn to Ireland.

Every Irish kid starts in Dublin, and here are ten musts when you visit Dublin!

dublin temple

Temple Bar

Far from the legend, Temple Bar is famous for actually naming the neighborhood after all! Until the late fourteenth century, exhausted travelers dragged stools here to rest after a long day.

As you go, grab the streams outside of the Red Bar at Temple Bar, then head over to Irish Whiskey. Temple Bar and the surrounding area are busy every night of the week so you can easily make it one night. But beware! Temple Bar, both on the site and in the area, is one of the largest beverages in Europe.

If you are looking to go out to a wide range of locations in the area, check out the traditional Irish litter or Dublin Literary Pub Crawl. They will take you to interesting places that you may find yourself.

fish and fry

Try Eating Local

Irish food is totally sourced! I told you guys about the top 10 local cuisines you can try on Ireland and I highly recommend breaking it off on the island. While much of Irish food is about home-cooked dishes you will find in the countryside, Dublin treats you a little.

To get a classic fat meal, go to Leo Burdocks Fish n & # 39; Chips. Known for providing troops during the 1916 War of Independence, Leo Burdocks has attracted celebrities and politicians around the world ever since (see their famous wall!).

With her claim that she is famous for & # 39; Dublin & # 39; s old chipper, & # 39; I recommend you look at Leo Burdock in Christchurch.

The small intake area can only take a handful of people so grab your trash and take a short walk to the beautiful St. Patrick & # 39; s Cathedral where you can get a quick snapshot before the church.

Example: Ask & # 39; a sad piece & # 39; on your screen to make the dream come true.

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Spend an afternoon at Trinity College Library

Trinity College is located in the heart of Dublin and is one of Ireland's cultural centers. If you are lucky enough to have some bright sunny during the visit, bring a good book and just lie down in green parks computer.

And don't forget the camera! An architectural masterpiece, Trinity College has regular events, the zoological museum, theater, science center, and the famous Kells Book. This book contains four New Testament Gospels that are more than a thousand years old.

While people always just copy the Kells book and finish it, I recommend checking out everything Trinity College has to offer.

The Christian Church of Christ

The Christian Church of Christ

The oldest building in Dublin, Christ Church Cathedral was founded in 1030 and is home to the largest population in the UK and Ireland. The guided tour is perfect for early life learning and there are common events where you can contribute a brief moment to the history of the Cathedral.

If you are lucky enough to be in Dublin on Sunday, you will hear the bells from the Christian Church at the Cathedral Church as they wander the river.

Best of all, you can really go to church and ring the bell yourself! You can sign up for the Friday session and then the real deal expires on Sunday.

Visit Guinness Storehouse

You can't visit Dublin without Guinness! Even if you can't stand the black stuff, repeat another attempt in Dublin. The variety of new Irish flavors is different than the one you have anywhere else in the world.

I visited the Guinness Store in Dublin and learned how to best drain it. I highly recommend you choose the Connoisseur Tour option!

dublin fortress ireland

Explore Dublin Room

If the 800 +-year-old Dublin Castle can speak! Crafting over 11 acres in the heart of Dublin, the castle is home to the Royal Chapel, the Chester Beatty Library, the Garda Museum, and the Revenue Museum.

Schedule a perfect time for the Chester Beatty Library, home to European and Chinese cultural heritage, and simply one of the best small museums in Europe.

Hapenny Bridge

Walk across the bridge

The first pedestrian crossing over the famous River Liffey, Ha & # 39; penny Bridge is one of Dublin's most popular sites.

They first re-opened in 1816 when they were taking half a penny from Ireland for a hap!

See Buses at Grafton Street

Ireland's main shopping street and the road to Stake & # 39; s Green Park, Grafton Street is inevitable. Countless Irish artists have got their start on this track with their hearts singing everywhere they go.

Bono, Hozier, Writer, and Damien Rice all tried their luck on this very popular route.

Have a Free Space in Phoenix Park

The largest park in Europe, you can easily spend a full day exploring Phoenix Park. Home to the president of Ireland and a variety of local wildlife, I recommend hiring a bicycle to see all the parks and trails.

You can grab lunch at the restaurant in the park or hang out, sit back and see the view.