10 Things to Do in San Juan, Puerto Rico

The heart of Puerto Rico is the capital city of San Juan. It is a beautiful, colorful city. The largest island of the island, is business and economics, but also the historical home of the history of Puerto Rico.

San Juan was founded in the 16th century of Western Europe. The city, and the island of Puerto Rico, were not included in the United States until the Spanish-American War. Even without a full government, it is an important part of the United States identity.

Puerto Rico has cultures, history, and heritage. On the beautiful island island, summer islands continue to attract visitors to the entire world because wildlife wildlife, easy access, and unique history. They all start at San Juan.

Things I Can Do
San Juan, Puerto Rico

On the island of Millenium, San Juan is a very exciting place. There are many historical and cultural events in the city of San Juan, regardless of how often your visit (holiday or holiday break), is a major city in all kinds of travel. Below are the personal recommendations for the best and most valuable things to do at San Juan.

Coqui del Mar - Hotel San Juan
Coqui del Mar swimming pool

1. Stay at Coqui del Mar's hotel experience

Located in the Atlanta neighborhood of San Juan (just 15 minutes at the airport and 15 minutes in Old San Juan), the Coqui del Mar house provides a chance to meet with San Juan in the area.

Homes are just the way from Ocean Park Beach, and a short walk to Condado Beach, but as an independent property, the actual appeal is at the hotel.

For the Coqui del Mar, you will get the true taste Boricua (Puerto Rican) a few cold experiences, on site activities. The hotel offers classes in Puerto Rican, as well as a nightmare classroom!

Coqui del Mar

Rooms are all types of flats with a full range of equipment (and a snow storm next to the guesthouse). Bring to the store near the store (or one of Old Boutiques Old San Juan), living in the hotel as a hotel. Free bike rides and lots of places make the best place to make a trip to San Francisco.

Coqui del Mar - Hotel LGBTQ in San Juan

Coqui del Mar Not just a place to sleep in San Juan is also a fun activity and celebrations. Both swimming pools (one of the elegant clothes) provide an entertaining room for guests and guests.

The hotel hosts a LGBTQ event and celebrations in San Juan Pride from May 30 to June 3, some of which are private guests. Read more about it here.

In the winter, Coqui del Mar Winter Winter In-Hunt LGBTQ December when it's still summer in Puerto Rico! With DJs, sculptures, large parties, and special reductions on activities, is a great opportunity to search for San Juan. Read more about the Koran in the Hereafter.

mofongo puerto rico
Sweet local food, mofongo

2. Try the local food for El Jibar

San Old San Juan, the local El Jibarito restaurant is a common diet, but it is always a lot. Popular among the locals as most tourists, it is a great place to experiment with Puerto Rican food culture.

Inside, it can be a bit crowded as people walk and travel, but the appeal! On the menu, you will find standard dishes such as mofongo, plantains, and even a special Christmas magazine available throughout the year.

It is the ideal choice for the most exciting tourist restaurants and local experience.

Flow of the snow in San Juan
Flow of the snow in San Juan

3. Keep the night out of the San Juan box at the bottom of the yard & # 39;

It's a secret about Puerto Rico: they know how to make a good drink. However, this is not a secret. This is the home of Puerto Rican after the faith! (You can even take a day trip to the Bacardi factory for the journey.)

A city in her own home to believe, it was not surprising that there would be plenty of cockroaches. One of the best Sanar idols is confidential. The journey guide is called a secret, but it's actually easier to find. Often because everyone knows and I like it. La Factoria (148 Calle San Sebastián) is located on the back of the corner. You will find the main point when you enter between the door of the toilet and door toilet.

Jungle Bird Hipster Cocktail Bar
Jungle Bird – a soft bar

Another aspect of the Sanbal idols is JungleBird (254 Calle Canals). On the upper edge of La Placita is the top of the tiki. An entertaining and fun subject, which explains the cocktails, makes them go outside the street labor. Outdoor dancing is particularly popular in a group of friends. It is surely true that San Juan is the best bucket of cocktail.

4. Treat your meals at night at night with snacks

San Juan is a beautiful and fun city-so it is not surprising that parties, clubs, and bars are open later. But when the famine has come, do not worry! Restaurants and pathways are open late!

ice skating route
An alcapurria in Santurce

At weekends, La Placita is always busy with people's drinks and dancing, and there are many people who sell food to provide snacks. La Alcapurria Quemá (251 Calle Duffaut) serves a variety of local food, but it is best for them alcapurrias-That's pulled out and filled with a variety of meat. (Try the meatballs!) It's definitely worth the treatment!

San Juan, Puerto Rico - Travel Journeys - Human Travel
Delicious delicious!

5. Enjoy Gasolina beach on Condado

The famous island called their faith, it means to be ready. (Alcohol of Puerto Rico is 18, right) Every store in stores, shops and the best gas stations, you will get a drink, a cocktail in the front of the bag. There are several different types, but I like it Gasolina.

It's sweet and sweet, but strong! (Is not it important?)

You can buy the box or sometimes in stores. My restaurant has some ready to pick from the front desk. Take a few of them to eat if you can, and then catch the beach (what people do).

You will see that it is best to spend one day on the beach, because they are too risky (and cool if you cool). Remember to throw your rubbish!

Bioluminscent is in puerto rico
Fekardo Grande in Fajardo, before departure

6. Wake off the flowchart in Laguna Grande's nightclub

Puerto Rico has many wonderful and wonderful things. The rainfall covers most of the islands near San Juan, but one of the most unique features is the Laguna Grande Fajardo. There are three different bioluminesign facts to determine this natural phenomenon, but the Bio Bay of Fajardo is near San Juan.

Interpreters can be made online (or often in your hotel), and to be honest, it is a wonderful experience. The experience comes from the shore and starts off through the mangrove forest under the river open to the open.

The comfortable night is particularly unique as Bio Bay is a wonderful blueberry bacteria that sheds light on how water is going. I have a picture of my experience because I am happy with how beautiful and peaceful (and guides ask you to leave the cameras and landlines).

It is really beautiful and hard to describe. But when you move into the water, your little feet and movements in the world are already visible.

Gay clubs in San Juan
San Juan's most famous club in Circo

7. Look at San Juan for the fun of women

Natural nature and friendship Puerto Ricans is a great place for Puerto Rico as a great place for travelers on LGBTQ, San Juan is at the heart of Puerto Rico's homosexual behavior (and at night).

With photos showing, sex scenes (Condadoo), bars, parties, clubs at night, and the inn, San Juan is a great place for marriage. San Juan is an exciting night, most of which occur Friday and Saturday and the Calle Condado Road in the gay community.

Circo BaR ends at the end of the week and attracts some of the largest people in the night, so really enjoy the life of the night at San Juan, starting at night and ending in Circo at night.

In the Circo framework, you will find it VIP– Small clubs and corner horns are here SX Club-The club and the club.

8. Go to the La Placita dance

Salsa dance La Placita
Salsa dance La Placita

Santurce is one of the most famous and strongest camps in San Juan. Weekends at the end of the week, it's very busy * at night for the snow and many clubs around the area around La Placita.

It's just a walk away night with street food, spicy dining, and cheap drinks. Salsa dance is held Taberna Los Vazquez where many people come to dance to live music music. Dietary drinks and a friendly game make it a great place to meet friends who meet new people.

9. Go to its own plaque in Old San Juan

Though you might be thinking of visiting Old San Juan during the day to take a tour of the tour, it is also a hotspot at night. With a number of exciting hours and even wet floors, there are many life opportunities in Old San Juan.

San Juan, Puerto Rico - Travel Journeys - Human Travel
Mezzanine serves great happy hours

Mezzanine (156 Calle Sol, 2nd floor) was constructed in a very complete and historic building. High ceiling and uniforms, sitting seats in the living room make the beauty-beautiful and the most beautiful, the real exercise is cocktails.

One of the oldest San Juan's most modern logos is located Punto de Vista (307 Calle Fortaleza) at the hotel. With great views on the old town, and even a very happy hour, it is a great place to start the night.

Many other San Juan and other bars are the direction of the Calle Sol and Calle San Sebastian. La Taberna Lúpolo (151 Calle San Sebastián) serves local and international art, and is always indoors. Angles fall on the road, even.

10. Put local products in Old San Juan

Old San Juan is the history of Puerto Rico. The most popular attractions of the tour are this Castillo de San Cristóbal which the guide will tell you to avoid visiting the sun's length of day. So during the peak days, instead of passing through Old San Juan the wind poles so many shops and shops are small.

San Juan, Puerto Rico - Travel Journeys - Human Travel
Buy a memory sticker – of course, of course!

There are many excellent places to enjoy the arts and the arts. Poetry Poetry (203 Calle Cruz) is particularly popular as a center for the city's poets and writers. Through the arts and crafts art, it is a comfortable café for a holiday break. At night, the restaurant switches to scenery and events.

For local production, be sure to visit Mundo Taino (# 256 Calle San Justo). Although some products are scarce in the art shop, the right cosmetic products are very good to check and you may be able to find special equipment in the selection.

Make sure you go to Old San Juan early to find lots of caffeine and beautiful shops. Road congestion is a good bit of exploration, particularly in buildings and the beautiful color.

San Juan is a unique and unique city – different from the rest of the United States, is different from Puerto Rican. Culture and beauty are missed by many activities and events in the capital. Although many tourists can take a seven-week holiday in San Juan, they are almost excited to spend long-term culture.