16 Useful Gems for Apple & # 39; s iOS 13

Every September, Apple offers the world a new update to its & # 39; iOS & # 39; for iPhones. This year's version, iOS 13, didn't really get a graceful landing; since its release in September, Apple has produced no less than five follow-up versions designed to fill in visual holes and resolve bugs. The sixth version, 13.2, is in beta testing.

But never mind all that Apple has said more about what it considers its most important new feature: the dark background, which gives all your apps a light, dark and dark color; QuickPath, which allows you to type by moving slowly around the related keys where you click, as you can on Android phones; and the redesigned Maps program.

But when you give thousands of software engineers a full year to develop your phone software, you get over a dozen features that don't get much media attention. Here, then, is a treasure map for the hidden beauty of iOS 13.

You can do it now everything Phone number alone: ​​apply and drag, scroll and scroll buttons, edit text, even “push” buttons on the phone. The feature is for iPhone disabled fans. But it is comprehensive, simple, and fast, and appealing to other types of people, too: those whose hands are wet or scratched, for example, or those who sit or are tired.

To turn on Voice Control, click Settings> Access> Voice Control.

At that point, you can navigate by saying, "Go Home," "Open Maps," "Go Back," "Open the Program," and "Open Control Center."

You can use your "fingers" by saying, "Press Answer," "Press long," "jump up," "click," "lift," "jump up," "move left," upon. Instead of pressing the device buttons on the phone, say, "Move the volume," "Sound your voice," "Switch to image," and "Take screen."

The real miracle is the writing of the text. You can say "delete that" to the last word (or, say, "Delete the first two lines"). Best of all, you can talk about corrections, which are sent to heaven when you have to count the errors (either yours or Siri) with a go-to message. Just say, "Change & # 39; Don't call me again & # 39; & # 39; Best of luck & # 39; & # 39;

If there's something you want to click on, such as a map bar, with no labels, say, "Show a number," "Show a line," or "Show labels." screen. Speak what you want to push.

Don't worry about triggering accidental jobs. The phone ignores everything you say ("Hey, can I let some of you?") That's not an order ("Open Messages").

The Note program is extremely capable to make the Manager more iOS 13. One of the welcome features: you can now create a "drop-down" reminder. For example, a reminder entitled "Tonight's hot date," The items highlighted below could be "Shower," "Get dry cleaning," and "Remove heroes."

To create a sub item, click on the subtitle and drag it below the first one. It turns itself on.

To make a useful Reminders, iOS 13 that allows them to create them just messages, mail, photos, maps, and other programs. Select some text (or images, or location, or whatever), tap the Share button, then click Reminders. You'll see the new thing to do next time you Reminders.

Lastly, this one deserves its golden weight: When you create a Reminder, you can turn on "Remind me when I send a message" and then click Select Someone to exit the name of a contact. The next time you start messaging this person, the reminder will pop up.

It's worth those moments when you're getting ready for bed and remember: "Oh shoot – I forgot to ask Robin to return Tesla."

No more Loupe – the magnificent glass that has made the placement of the writing site easier in the last 12 years. In effect, you have to pull it to the point where your finger is. It gets bigger when you pull it into position.

Alternatively, use the invisible iPhone training. When you press the push button, all keys are empty; you have now turned the entire key area to a pipe. Keep your finger down; press it down to move your compass.

When you shine a bit of text, you can paste anywhere with three fingers to summon a new tool to tool, with features for Cut, Copy, and Paste.

But the toolbar, schmoolbar – is even faster than using the new three-finger pointers.

For a copy, hold three fingers on the screen. Cutting, do this twice. Paste, click where you want to put it, then divorce with three fingers (spread).

You, no doubt & # 39; ll, never make a mistake – but for the record, you can now do Undo by hitting three fingers to the left. (Turn right onto Redo.)

For a start, there was a Find My iPhone: feature that lets you find a lost phone from iCloud.com.

In iOS 13, surprisingly, that works even if the phone doesn't have an internet connection – if, for example, you went to some Montana bus stop without a signal.

Apple has turned the world around 1.4 billion other iPhones, iPads, and Macs for remote search devices for your phone. Any device that runs through the iOS 13 iPhone, anonymously, will take your phone's voice in the quiet of your phone and bring you back to where it is.

To make this all to be secure, Apple or anyone else can not phone, Apple is designed to solve the need to have a second Apple device; it is the only machine capable of recording the location of your phone.

(You can turn on Setup properties>[your name] > Search My> Search My iPhone.)

The Photo Gallery in the Photos program displays all your photos in a systematic and effective way: How the photo networks are marked in Years, Months, and Days. (The videos play quietly in one sitting while you watch.)

Each presents representational images; the software removes duplicates, density, and screen. You can add or exit – from Years to Months to Days, or otherwise – by hitting or stretching with two fingers.

Enough, you remain in the same image you welcome. For example, if a spectator photo is your sample of 2019, you will land on the same image as you get closer to the months (like October picture), and again Days (this week).

The edit screen has some new options: Vibrance, Sharpness, Definition; improving vertical and vertical views; and Vignette, dark or glossy in the four corners of the picture. For the first time in iPhone history, you can welcome a photo by editing it.

Probably the most valuable thing: You can do anything walk editor videos as easy as pictures. That includes all color-correction tools, vision correction tools, seed tools, and even transformers. Finally, you can fix videos that the phone has accidentally captured.

You'll need a hundred points like this to document all the minor improvements, but here's a gas list:

  • Suspension continuing in the underground passageway. In cities whose transportation systems accept Apple Pay, such as New York City, you can walk through the gates without the push-button and confirmation steps required at any time. To do this, visit Settings -> Wallet & Apple Pay -> Express Transit Card, and select the credit card you want to spend with your money. Now just keep the phone near the plumbing machine and blow it up.

  • The calendar, you can upload files, images, Word or PDF documents to the appointment. That is the readiness of job programs or business documents at the meeting.

  • In the iCloud Drive (Apple's version of Dropbox), you can now create or open .zip files, sync or delete files in flight. Just click on the files to view the instructions.

  • Maps, iOS 13 displays the addresses it receives from your Calendar appointments, to save entries when instructions are received.

  • Silence of Unknown Games (in Settings-> Phone) gives you a small weapon against robocalle without worry. Every incoming call will go directly to voicemail messages without making your phone, ringing, or displaying a notification – except for calls from people in your Relations and people you call yourself.

  • Petroleum lifetime it will be longer if you turn on Improved Battery Activation in Settings-> Battery. This option enables the iPhone to stop charging 80 percent unless it thinks you need an extra oomph, and they learn it by researching the daily money patterns. (Lithium-ion batteries last longer if you avoid charging them full daily.)

  • Post, when starting the message's address, you can click "i" on the side of someone's name to see the selection of their email address.

  • E-mail formatting has made a significant rise. You can now decorate your ongoing messages with light code, shapes, shapes, attachments, and photos. All of this waits for the new layout explorer, which appears when you touch <the right end of the text input bar.

  • Messages, you can appear directly in the answers to the cans in the discussion list. Click on the discussion queue to see the short answers available. They often travel along the lines of "Thanks," "Yes," "No," and "Later talk?"

  • To select a Wi-Fi network, you do not need to be in Settings anymore. Just open the Control Center (scroll down from the bottom of the screen, or, in recent models, and go down to the "ear" at the top right); long-press the Wi-Fi cluster; then long-press the Wi-Fi label. Here is a list of hot spots available.

All this, of course, is a lot to learn – and to change, as we know, is difficult. But look on the bright side: You have a whole year to learn about this new app before Apple transforms again next fall.