2 Views of Legacy Angela Merkel: Stoic Leadership, and Economic Impact

Some claim that the German comedian can not handle his office while acting differently from the political economy. Taking into account the deepening of cultural traditions, the rise of debt and fears of rising inflationary inflation promotes inflation in the World War I, Germany has embarked on any plans for conservation of Greek and Italian conflicts.

"It should be sold by Germany's electorate that the Germans will send resources to guarantee the rights of European countries that have already been politically motivated," said Nicola Borri, economist a member of Luiss, a university in Rome. "That's the problem, politically, it's hard to criticize Merkel."

The vision of Mr. Borri, Italy and other nations in the south of Europe have received numerous wealth in the north when the euro was created almost twenty years ago. Investors began to pay to Italian, Spanish, Greek and Portuguese compared to the same in Germany, without requiring additional fees. Here it was an election to share German money and debt.

"These are a factual transfer from rich countries," Borri said. "Instead of using this money to improve their economy, these countries have increased their spending."

But other economists say Ms. Merkel has tried to use the crisis as a time teacher to change the German public view. It may have raised a sense of responsibility in Germany to see nationalism as the most important EU member, with the responsibility to help the affected people.

Instead, she used false false ideas in Greek, one pointing to take a lot of holiday breaks. She used her problems to correctly illustrate the size of the problem. Although the Greek government was rational, those living in Ireland and Spain enjoyed the Budget Budget before it was a problem, not falling into the crisis after the bank emerged.

The financial crisis in Europe is a central part of the European debt crisis, the share of 19 members of the council. Since the establishment of the euro, the critics have warned that it is a process of intervention – a monetary union that does not have a political interconnection to share common policy and support when it comes to problems.