20 Images to encourage you to travel to Jordan • Immigrant overseas

With the beautiful appearance of the green, natural reserves, and beautifully beautiful landscape, Jordan is an unusual place for every type of journey. I spent 10 days exploring the country one of my first ever travels, a few years ago!

I started my journey to the capital city of Amman and walked along the Temple Roman Hercules Temple, the Byzantine Church and the Umayyad Stadium. We have also traveled to Jerash & Ajloun towns and have seen some of the best examples of Greco-Roman architecture.

You can find more about what I like to do on Amman here!

One of the main reasons for my trip to Jordan visited The City of Petra. We searched the temple cave during the day and we were there for hours later to see the UNESCO World Heritage Site page with dozens of candles. It was amazing and amazing experience!

We were also on our way to the Wadi Rum Road, and our tour guides guided us to 4×4 tourist attractions around the coast. After sunset, we came to an aggressive green camp and ate the "Jordanian" device, a "cobra" cooked in a oven under the oven.

Of course, I can not go beyond Jordan and visit Aqaba to watch the sea! Acaba is known as the rest of the world and the beautiful beauty of nature.

I ended up on my journey to the Sea of ​​Dead Sea, one of the highest in Jordan! It is the lowest point of the Earth, sitting more than 400 meters below the sea level and the elevated levels of water make the water more dense, which means you can drown in water unusual.

Later this year, the first TBA photos of Jordan Photography Tour will be held! It's a photojournalist who will cover the most important trips to Jordan in 9 days.

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