20 Photographs to Imitate Visiting Egypt • Extinguishing Drugs

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I was hoping to visit Egypt for a long time – it was my favorite list of the FOREVER! I was always a graduate of history and when I was young, I dreamed that I would visit Nile and the Parthians. Although I admit that I would have been reduced because of the sense of security and the experience I've heard from other women.

I made research, and know the country and followed an open mind.

What about what? I met some local friends who you think you can see just where I dreamed! But I said, I'm sure I've done my searches already – here are my 10 first-time travel tips in Egypt!

I was happy to learn more about history and culture before I left, otherwise I feel like some of the most fascinating details that might have lost the storm for all that I've seen. Let me tell you, Egypt did not disappoint (though I was close enough to take my flight-but this is a story at another time!).

There are many interesting places to visit!

In general, you should not miss the capital of Cairo or the depth of the history you will find in the Pyramids of Giza. Oh, you are sure you want to go down to the Red Sea of ​​Luxor. Do not miss by taking a lot of Nile ride!

I was in the Eygpt of the endless april and already beautiful but breezy, and the attractions were silent. Those who plan to travel to Egypt, I would recommend avoiding the summer months if possible when the temperature rises really. The best advice is to stay here during winter or in the winter!

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