20 photos to encourage you to visit Namibia • Refugee abroad

Namibia is one of our favorite countries in Africa. I traveled to Namibia on two trips, and I plan to go back to the north to Etosha and to the shore of the Skeleton.

In the first trip to Namibia, we arranged for girls traveling to one of my closest friends. We have a lot of competition and we have some of the most beautiful Namibia. At Little Kulala, we looked at the hot air in the hot air when we ate. Before we left Wolwedans Dune Lodge, we went to a football game, and we have to bring Oryx (large tapes)!

When I was in the second game, I went to a short trip to my friend, Travis. We stayed at the beautiful Spitzkoppe Lodge and visited Erongo Wilderness, Swakopmund, Soussuvle and Walvis Bay.

Our travels were 4 × 4 Dunes with the Namib Naukluft Park Survey – we saw beautiful beaches, unlike the coast I had never seen, where the ambassador of the South Atlantic Ocean met with the endless desert Namibia.

Namibia is a great country, and there are many things to see. If you are still busy picking up your street, look for a trip to Namibia and the Namibia travel guide before you leave.

I added two travel trips as well as the third one of my very high northbound trip to northern Namibia!

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