2019 country test application writing guide: related skills of essay illustration

A good essay, to be a tiger head, a pigtail leopard. The so-called pork belly is to be rich in argumentation and to have content. Then in the part of the argument, the main skills involved are illustrations and justifications. This public education expert introduces the relevant social hotspots that need to be supplemented in the illustrations. If you can effectively use the example part of the composition, the article will be more Enrichment:

I. Service-oriented government

1. The Jilin Provincial Government practices “optimizing the taxation business environment and promoting taxation at most once” .

2. A traffic police in a city issued a “blank ticket”. When a father sent an emergency sick daughter to the hospital, he was unable to find a parking space because of an emergency.

3. A city traffic police investigates drunk driving through a live webcast, allowing netizens to visually see the law enforcement site. There are 420,000 people watching the peak hour, which is an innovation of law enforcement.

4. Problems in the practice of a service-oriented government: Although some village or community cadres have the title of secretary and director, they have less contact with the masses, and some people are not in the village all the year round. By “remote control” other village cadres or relatives on behalf of the village affairs, the phenomenon that the masses can’t find people can happen from time to time.

Second, education field

1. Many preschool children in the society are now taught by early classes, talent classes, quality development classes, etc. The training courses are filled up, the learning pressure of kindergarten children is comparable to that of primary school students, and preschool education has become “advanced education”.

2. Schools leave school early, and there are schools that leave school at 3:30 in the afternoon. Parents pick up children to become difficult problems, which leads to a large number of off-campus trust classes, and even form a chaotic image of the savage growth of the trustee class.

Third, employment

There is such a social phenomenon. Many high-school students and key college graduates return home to start businesses. Some people think this is A great waste of talent and waste of resources; others believe that this is a new choice to realize the value of life.

Fourth, Community

1. Beijing will vigorously build a “one-quarter clock social service circle” to allow people to enjoy convenient community services at their doorsteps. While facilitating the people, it also improved the management level of the society.

2. Shanghai actively explored the implementation of the grading diagnosis and treatment system, and piloted “1+1+1” signing services in 65 community health centers, that is, residents signed a contract with a family doctor who voluntarily chose a community health center. On the basis of this, choose a district-level medical institution and a municipal-level medical institution to sign a contract.

3. The “Community Mediation Supermarket” was established in the Fancheng Cross Street Community to regulate contradictions and disputes. From small neighborhood disputes to large-scale community remediation, they can be solved here. It can provide parties with various mediation methods such as “application for mediation”, “home-to-door mediation”, “civil police joint adjustment” and “legal assistance” to ensure that residents can choose mediation services in a timely and free manner.

Five, cultural aspects

1. Excessive entertainment has led to many cultural classics being maliciously tampered with.

2. “National Treasures”, let the star act as the “national treasure guardian” and let the national treasure “speak”.

3. Starbucks, the country’s largest coffee chain, opened its store in Lingyin Temple, Hangzhou.

4, live broadcast chaos emerges endlessly, some anchors in order to increase the number of fans, live content beyond the ethical framework, at the expense of pornography, violence, self-abuse and other vulgar content.

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