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3 Kyoto Itinerary Day

It's Jessica's Bon Traveler here and I'm excited to share three days with Kyoto. When it comes to Japan, there is no place to go like Kyoto. Three times later, I found myself in a lot of love on each visit.

Something about his past, the preservation of the arts, and the beauty of nature have made him in other cities. Although it is a large city, it is very different from Tokyo and Osaka, two more are often visited in Japan.

Kyoto's slow speed gives you the chance to indulge yourself in the traditional culture of Japanese culture.

Nearby, natural landscapes like Arashiyama are opportunities to get outside. Of course, you can’t forget the temples, 1,600 of them are right. It is the last place to visit any trip to Japan.

Ready to explore Kyoto? Here's my three-day farewell to the city!

Best Time to Go

Since the weather is very cold in Kyoto, it can be a perfect spot for the whole year. Each season varies in temperature but nothing too bad. The summer months of June-August are hotter and more humid than the winter months of December-February.

The best time to visit me would be in the fall months so I could have the fall or spring 39s for the flowers. In the fall, maple trees have blossomed into soft orange and orange buds, making them beautiful in appearance. Of course, those spring blossom blossoms in early spring are a good experience for Japan as well.

Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto

Where is

My personal preference for Kyoto is to be near Gion District or near Nishiki Market. The central location of these two means access to nearby areas.

One tip for a trip might be to book near the metro station as you will often use the local metro to go out for temples and experiences.

One great hotel in Gion County is the Kyoto Granbell Hotel. The last trip, I stayed in a small but convenient metro station near the Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto. It is a quick but valuable presence on every pen.

Airbnb is also a wonderful way to approach local Kyoto homes. I usually combine Airbnb's stay and hotel stay when traveling here.


Kamo River

Chao Chao Sanjo Kiyamichi

First Night

When I arrive, I recommend hiking a beautiful view along the Kamo River near Gion-Shijo station. At night, buildings light up and reflect across the river.

If you see the sunset here, it's even more spacious.

Across the river is Pontocho Alley. A sturdy camp full of endless restaurants and bars where everyone is something. I love to walk around (the atmosphere is alive!) And I go to my favorite Chayo Chao Sanjo Kiyamichi restaurant.

They serve gyoza with the classic soft skin they have made from extra fat, including a variety of meat and cheese.

Day 1: Explore Arashiyama Highway + Philospher Road

Check In advance

If there is one expert guide that is most commonly used in Kyoto, it will rise early. Knocking people can be difficult but waking up in the morning is pretty sure. Take a direct route to the Arashiyama Grove Bomb (accessible by metro or taxi) for your own convenience. I usually go out at sunrise and I love how quiet it is with a few local people.

Tip: Walk to the corners of the divide and revisit this wonderful picture.

So, while you wait for the famous %% Arabica Kyoto Arashiyama to have coffee (daily at 8am), take a lovely walk to the river Katsura. The morning light here is gorgeous for photography and the traditional wooden boats are wonderful.

Lunch + In the afternoon walk to the Temple

Since you are already in the outskirts of the city, I find it worth going through one of the other most exciting experiences in the city. Cross the area and consider a taxi to go to where the Philosophical Way is.

Tip: If the metro is long, Uber is an appropriate method of affordable looga overcoming Kyoto.

You can have lunch at a traditional restaurant & # 39; Omen & # 39; to fuel the day – don’t forget to spice it up! Outside the restaurant is the beginning of the visual path that follows a river. In seasonal, cherry blossoms here are popular. In the meantime, there are small shops and ice cream shops.

Just another 10-minute walk up the mountain is the perfect place to hit the crowds.

The Hōnen-temple is a temple made of mud on top of a hill. In the afternoon, you will find that you have a lot to yourself.

Coffee here

Day 2: Local Goods + Taste of Kyoto

Light Breakfast

Start the day by heading over to The Café for a lovely place and a slow breakfast. The coffee maker has a wonderful selection of drinks as well. Breakfast Japanese culture are usually sweeter than sweet, but here Café has some sweet and good.

Tip: Kyoto has a wonderful selection of local coffee shops. Here are 7 that will not be missed.

Explore the Market + Local Store

One thing that is unique to Kyoto is the plethora of artisanal products made locally. One place to see a wide range is Nishiki Market. Hall suuqani he sold everything and predictable place to find looga looga bite to eat at one of the many vendors. If you like Takoyaki (fried dough balls with octopus), the market stand is a wonderful place to try.

For more Japanese kitchenware and ceramics, you can check out our 7 Kyoto stores as well. A few are around the corner of the market and make great gifts to bring home.


Waariuryoumen Sugari

Dinner Ramen

One thing to do in Kyoto is eating men. There are hundreds of varieties that every coffee maker takes for himself. Hunting for new men in Kyoto has become my favorite experience and there are some that I love and recommend.

The first one is the Ippudo chain necklace. You order from the ticket machine and sit behind the wall where apparently your order appears. Men here is a great introduction.

One of Kyoto's best local destinations for oil-rich men is Honke DaiichiAsahi near the train station. I waited in the queue forty-five minutes ago and they are worth it. This is my favorite place for men in Kyoto after trying several places.

For further experience and refined search experience, log in to Wajouryoumen Sugari. The line will go faster here, so just buy a ticket for your men's choice and follow the line. Men here have a strong fish sauce, but the taste of the rich.

Fushimi Inari Shrine

Explore the historic districts of Sannenzaka

This can be one of the most beautiful places to see in Kyoto. These sidewalks are lined with wooden houses and traditional buildings. The atmosphere is wonderful. You can also use local products here and have lunch at many restaurants.

Several places you would like to see in this district include K Templedaiji Temple, a good Kanaamitsuji store, Rakushō dessert, and Nineizaka Road.

Kiyomizu-dera temple