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New Jersey Transit has faced another round of devastation on Friday that struck thousands of passengers, as well as the week’s crises that made it one of the best trains in the country until one of the worst problems.

As early as the morning, Amtrak’s car is one of the two corners of the bottom of the Hudson River between Penn Station and New Jersey, according to officials. No injuries were reported, but the impact on the trip was significant.

Amtrak said he would be tired for one hour at the train station, sharing Penn Station with Amtrak. LI.R.R. also announced that it would stop some trains because of the shortage of roads available at Penn Station.


The control means that the weekend has ended as it started, with New Jersey Transit pushing the problem:

• On Monday, engineering engineers forced to stop off the train outside Manhattan. Passengers postponed by train.

The train collapsed near the city of Newark, connecting passengers to black cars without air conditioning for more than an hour.

• The next day, a bouquet, over 100 years, caused a delay in the morning train.

The bridge has again returned to the back of the day, causing a delay in the emergency room hours.

• On Wednesday Wednesday, New Jersey’s train stopped short as he left Penn Station, blocking one of the streets through the neighborhoods and grief-stricken parents in their home to take children to Halloween.


One of the angry parents, Dave Kass, called the three-day “trifecta” defeat of the New Jersey Transit and Amtrak defeats, which operates at Penn Station, the long bridge and the rest the way between Penn Station in Manhattan and Pennsylvania Station in Newark.

Gary Leon, who traveled to Manhattan by a train from central New Jersey for 36 years, said he could not recall when the service was unreliable.

“Changes in my thinking over the past two years have been a very poor level that I’ve never seen before,” Leon said.

Even after returning twice a year to the service, because they were unable to work on adequate engineering and equipment to carry out their timetable, the New Jersey Roads are declining customers stopping trains.

Leon Leon Station, the Raritan Valley line, the train stopped the same train, 6:33 pm. depart from New Zealand’s Pennsylvania Peninsula, three days in a row: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Mr. Leon, 58, was moving to New Jersey Transit for a long time to remember when he was an efficient way of doing things throughout the country.

But after many years of national government support, Philip D. Murphy called the “national flag” when running the governor of the state in 2017.

An Investigating the train Murphy has ordered that after starting his January start-up, his car was too small and did not fail to get one of the five-year-old train into a major threat to the network. and passengers.

Over the next year, approximately 90 percent of teachers will be at least 12 years old, with no change of attendance, the study showed.

The reports provided by the Federal Government of Somalia indicate that the flight has decreased and aged. The train tracks were 18.6 years old in 2017, from 16 years in 2014.

Four of the trains were 37, each traveled more than 2.2 million miles, and more than 150 of the passengers were at least 40 years old.

Mr. Murphy, a Democrat, has strongly condemned the many allegations made by Chris Christie, claiming that Mr Christie was upgrading the New Jersey Transit for government assistance needed to continue flight. But Senator Thomas Kean Jr., who is Jamhuri, said Mr. Murphy has done little to minimize downfall in the first nine months of the office.

“I’m depressed like my 39 year old and my passengers,” Mr Kean said in an interview. “People are tired of the purely athletic pursuit of something they want.”

Mr. Kean said he was worried that a decline in the New Jersey transit would hit the region’s economy, driving people to New York or Connecticut when they search for vacant flats in the state.

“It already affects the region’s economy,” he said. “If you are unsure of your uncertain traffic, that will make a difference when the person is trying to go to the place where his family is.”

Dan Bryan, a spokesperson for Mr Murphy, criticized Mr Kean.

“In recent years of the decline in sanitation and sanitation, the Senator Kean has been silent, the New Jersey Road has a long way to go again and again at international level , “Mr. Bryan said in a statement. “Murphy’s chairman knows that everything is not important to rebuild the economy of New Jersey as he turns to New Jersey Transit, and is fully committed to doing so.”