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& # 39; Shed & # 39;

To understand climate denial, start here, using the story of a propaganda campaign to undermine science. & # 39; Fixed & # 39; is the brainchild of climate journalist Amy Westervelt, who traces the history of fuel-impact campaigns leading the science-climate activist movement. Season Two follows the Coast Guard fishermen who are suing oil companies and look at how the changing environment is undermining their operations.

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& # 39; The richest beach & # 39;

The inside story of the famous American Superfund is more amazing than you think. & # 39; Richest Hill, & # 39; from Montana Public Radio, looks at the toxic hazards left in Butte, MO. The city has been ravaged by nearly a century of copper mining. Currently, it is located in Berkeley Pit, an open-pit area filled with 50 billion tonnes of toxic water.

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Free: The Story of Conflict

Led by Chuck D, the leader of the public enemy, this chart shows the history of the group that raised a popular generation. Free: The Story of Conflict also bringing Chuck D into action, as he tried to do hip-hop in 1986 with Clash for London Rock in 1976

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The Great One

Over the next 30 years, a massive earthquake will occur on the West Coast. KPCC Southern California NPR station KPCC explains how California, above San Andreas' interest rate, is caused by earthquakes. The Great One breaks down how such an event will play out, interviewing experts and directing you to the action.

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