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The role of Christianity Christians US policy was subject to looga debated this year, in conjunction with the issues in front of apartments immigration, social justice and the Supreme Court. Most of the highest bar codes are white, male and female are not young.

With the last few years in the election two years after President Trump won the White House, with the support of evangelical evangelical support – we asked young foreigners to tell The Times about their relationship to their religion and politics.

Almost 1,500 readers answered, from every region, but Alaska and Vermont. Hundreds of lectures about their families and their communities. They go to a well-known prominent area as well as Southern Baptist, nondenominational and even Protestant organizations. Some say they have evangelismism in general.

We read everything we've been forwarding and responding for a few hours in response to respondents. Here is what I learned:

The evangelicals of Sufism have the normal relationship between evangelism and the Republic of Tajikistan. Many say it has caused a great deal of violence among their families. Many of them have been described as a real struggle that they have seen as a conflict between the migrants, Muslims, L.G.B.T.Q. people, and the poor. They feel they reflect the loss of humanity, which is contrary to their spiritual cry.

Many young people believe that Mr. Trump helped to achieve their main goals, such as the control of abortion rights and the development of religious freedom. But they are experiencing other issues. Many feel an independent policy, or a policy of housing. There is a war between "evangelical" and even that means they live.

However, the struggle is not limited to political leaders, but also their religious communities.

Six young nationals are seen here, all of whom are deeply involved in their churches, offering a voices of voice in America, one of the most commonly drowned by white elders. Interviews and alarms are lightly formatted and balanced.

We open the comments section, and hope you will add your vote.

22, Democracy, Marco Island, Fla.

I was out of school in 2015 when I told my parents that I was thinking about religious truths. I thought, "God must forgive me, I do not want to die for this war."

I was a republic like that. First, I support everything my church told me about candidates and issues. You did not ask or read the subject outside of this subject. I started libraries in the Library library.

We had a message in 2016 – it was our God who chose to die on the death of all these people. He died as Matta Shepard, like a child of the government, who was a refugee. "My church criticized me" -barbar. "Other members used to grab a Trump and say hating things about Muslims and LGBT citizens.

The world I dreamed was not the whole world but my church dreamed. Freedom of Spokesperson wants to see it is the hope of citizens who have no hope of failing.

I am worried that we have greatly disturbed the name of God. You know that it is not a good news if you are baptized in a fair or balanced way.

I do not feel much about leaving the evangelismism aspect. I worship one of them, I speak as one. It's not going to be out of this relationship. I feel guilty that I am going to church and we can not accept people. But I love the community that I raised. Many foreign parents are being questioned of the value of their children. We did not want to shame them.

I am very happy to vote for Andrew Gillum. You do not have to be foreign citizens who are suddenly free. It is a great thing to know that you can learn something that is not even Christian.

26, independent, Cincinnati

My parents are very popular with the white public who voted for Trump, still happy with him. I never told them I voted for Democrats. Whenever they read this, they will know a lot.

Last year I was in my car and my husband's car. Trump said. I said, "It's good and bad". That was the most politicized for my mother. It was about five minutes.

I believe in Jesus' faith, but I voted for Hillary Clinton because I believe he would be a good leader in this country. Policy is more than one thing, we must look at all segments of the candidates who distinguish themselves from the best of them. Donald Trump stands for anyone.

There are many white men from the Republican Party who use Christianity to choose their own, but I have come to tell you not to fall. Jesus' men were not really Jesus and healed the sick and broken the barriers of the community. You are not part of the religion of men, and my hope is to see people.

I do not consider myself in the Republic or the Democratic Party. I am a lifestyle. Not just abortion, they are very badly treated by prisons. I left in March and knew that I did not agree with many things. But there is no equality in the workplace, there is sexual abuse.

This is the first time I vote. If event 1, it is a great achievement, reducing the use of substances from a criminal offense. I'm eligible.

I do not know if I feel I will be handed over. My eyes are opened. Like if you have a friendly friend you know about something crazy about them. I am still working on that shock. There are many who want to go to heaven and vote for Trump.

23, Republican, Louisville, Ky.

My family is from Mexico since 1999. My parents are pastors and we are Pentecostal-evangelical for a long time.

Being social consciousness, the immigrants, are more interested in how best and fighting is the worst. Most people in my parents parish are coming soon. We agree with the fact that Donald Trump has about God and faith, but I disagree with what he or she says about the immigrants and any misconduct that he or she can try to be entitled to his own life.

Being a foreigner, we must do something. I choose to take priority for the Christian interest in the G.O.P. now click. That's a tough situation.

I am not talking about anyone, even my family. We are talking about the Christian values.

I know Trump has come back to prayer. Let them know that leaders are convinced that the basic ideas we are about are things that bring stability. We know they have the best mindset.

I can see their view that they do not want illegitimate immigration, because they fear foreigners do it, with the feeling of border control. However, I grew up in the Latino family. We are here to make a good life for our families.

The left side may succeed in the coming elections, but I always hope that God is doing great things in this regard without regard to whether he is directly involved in politics or not.

27, Republican, Paxton, Neb.

We were always Jamhuri, yes! I am very happy with my Trump.

His election was so big that the half of my family could not see the other half voted for him, so much so that he said it changed our mind. It's hard to be a Christian, but like Jamhuri is even harder.

No one will stop until Shun's death. We have a garden, south of Paxton. It is about 600 people. Popcorn is one of the special cereals. Chunks, beans. We are tired of throwing 40 cents a day. Finally someone gets it. So our society is safe.

In Kavanaugh's hearing, I thought, she's lying. Then I talked to my siblings, who helped me to look at the mirror of the Republic, not the mirror of the Christian. She just deserved merit just as Kavanaugh did.

As a Christian, I will now run in the city and see the picture point saying, "Jesus is the light of the way." But before, when you say you are a Christian, that would mean that you are important and convincing. I feel a little safe now, going to places and saying, "I'm a Christian."

What are the misunderstandings of young foreigners? That's why we are hypocrisy, rituals, guns and ropes to turn everyone off against our beliefs. No, I was not a major religious faith.

We are worried that we will be silent with others who shout out loud.

22, Democracy, Sacramento

Because I live in California and go to a Chinese Church, my experience is different than what I see.

When I see the confession of religious leaders like Jerry Falwell Jr. or Franklin Graham talks about the great Trump, and I think about the types of places I can see in my small cultural areas that there are no other places in the country. Who are these people? Do they really have the power of power?

I am only a child from his Chinese family and American. Stereotypically, American-Chinese is not the case for social / political issues – or non-classical subjects. There is a focus on respecting the elders, the administration. Christianity, and people are not oriented to interact with political movements.

I do not think I'm going to be wrong from my parents in many ways, but my family quickly criticizes "liberals," I can see that there is no doubt, only people are trying to do the way. We are often jumping on how to deal with social issues: DACA, #MeTo, immigration.

It was a disappointment to see people in the non-Christian society, especially in the context of the Bible, seem to speak directly, such as racism and gender.

For Governor of California, I want to be like Gavin Newsom. I am democracy as the easiest way, the way forward to the Republican Party in recent years, but it is an unofficial coalition. In Christianity I feel the connection of the Bible first.

24, There is no political connection in Atlanta

As a Christian, it is completely a part of my responsibility to vote. I am registering to vote in Atlanta and plan to vote for Stacey Abrams. It was my first time to vote. It is black and a woman. Also I'm both. That's important for me.

When I have white friends or friends, and I work to fully cooperate with the Democratic Party, I try to be tactical. Wait, should not be full democracy? But like a Christian there will be things that I do not fully agree.

As I was older I realized I could not be silent again. The two Jean-Jean murderers in Dallas, Texas, and the Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh have brought me to the polls of the polls and the safety of the US community. I have been deceived – a black man was shot in his house.

Both stories direct and indirectly refer to people of color and women. Weigh our weight. As Christian, I understand and believe that I have a value, but politics is still a war.

I grew up in a chamber, nondenominational, and I still follow Jesus today in a church. My parents seem to be more reliant on the effectiveness of the performance while I have a lot of freedom.

Climate change is really one of the major issues of our parents and I agree. I think they still believe that all have been done.

Produced by Tanner Curtis and Rebecca Lieberman.

Lara Takenaga, Isabella Grullón Paz and Margaret Kramer report.