& # 39; In the wild & # 39; Author Jon Krakaerer The New Book contains Best Practices

Jon Krakauer unexpectedly landed a two-part book on outdoor literature when it was published in 1996. The jungle, about wandering Chris McCandless, which he followed a year later In Basic, about a deadly meeting in Mount Everest. Both books defy Krakauer's reputation as one of life's greatest writers, and have both been adapted for feature films. Krakauer's latest book, Classic Krakauer, collects 10 of his essays and essays, many of them since the 1990s, that his books are later refined but equally amazing.

In "Mark Foo & # 39; s Ride & # 39; s Last Ride," a back-to-back runner arrives at the tragic end, while "After the Rain" details the climbing accident. Classic Krakauer includes stories of escaping into the wilderness of youth and exploring the caverns, the vibrant waves and the Alaskan mountain range. Krakauer has thoroughly researched every section, and his writing is not only accessible but comprehensive and comprehensive. It allows you to do business in New Mexico, Alaska, Washington – all without leaving your home. These early stories make it clear that Krakauer's best sellers are not illuminating and everything is thought to attract the same attention to many of his subjects.

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