# 39; Netherlander & # 39; created by Qurios Zandvoort with 2by4 buildings

In the coastal city of Zandvoort in the Netherlands, there is a leisurely stadium featuring several cottages named Qurios Zandvoort and recently opened some of the construction experiences of section 2by4.

Even if your own small cottage does not hold up well and is comfortable based, their location alone will probably be enough to attract visitors! The park is in a prime location between Formula 1, Kennemerland National Park, and the most beautiful beach in Zandvoort. It is also close to exciting cities such as Haarlem and Amsterdam, but it is unlikely that security around the city will stop the busy life of the city.

The unique location of this section attracts a wide variety of people, so the designers wanted to avoid trying the same style for their guests. After all, city dwellers who want to be safe on the beach may not be the same as the Note on the Road Runners who came to see the cars moving!

With a sense of dispersal and effort (with success) in trying to accommodate this diverse population, the park now boasts 100 flats, two multi-faceted public balloons, and a unique design. this tasty garden. This means that the presence of buildings is an experience as the soil passes through and flows into the sides of houses and buildings.

For both performance and visual appeal, the apartment is located on a natural plate that all sits high. This is partly to be given to different visitors who differ in their view of the natural landscape they are visiting, but it was also a fact and a choice of architecture, as they work. with the plateaus allowed designers to disrupt less space in their construction activities.

This concept of working with the landscape is what influenced the choices of color scheme, makeup, and texture. The designers wanted to create buildings that make sense of their surroundings and fit in with the natural environment, rather than the ones that are highly opposed or seem to eliminate the beauty of the environment. They opted for non-woven wood for the home face, for example, which fits well with the rough floors around it, so they always look as if they were. They are slightly modern in their style, which makes them unique, but not as updated as they appear.

Another piece of home decor looks like they have the look of the top as a choice not to wear it. Of course, designers wanted to give their guests a lot of unique space, but that often applies to the creation of interior spaces. On the outside, the idea was to create unlimited surveys and boundaries & # 39; s, which the fences would challenge.

This idea of ​​developing a “situation-like” environment is of utmost importance for everyone to be involved in the project, and that is why planners have chosen to have access to all parking spaces, outside. In the parking lot and at the entrance, visitors experience the visitor center, and beyond that, it is no longer a spectacular display that is free of reminders of city life.

The visitor center is close to the structure and has a beautiful floating ceiling. Besides providing all the information and services that visitors can enjoy, it also gives a beautiful view of the entire park in the first place. Like the small houses, the visitor center is in perfect natural position thanks to the choice of black wood frames for the face and light interior lighting.

Aside from offering gifts for cyclists and bicycle tenants, this great home is also a staff accommodation on site! The basement has bedrooms and a common room. These are completely dedicated to the specific purpose of the staff and although they are located below the halls for the activities of the host community and so on, they are safe and quiet, allowing the staff to really feel at home without wish they were ever out of work.

All the buildings in the pool were built, both structurally and structurally, with the intention of being naturally available. Naqshadeeyayaashu they deliberately chose things that can complicate the test well in terms of endurance and resistance to harmful, but as things appear to be beautiful and a bit of hesitation, and cuts through the delivery of products. Buildings will start to look more and more like they really belong.

Each of the apartments is designed with a specific type of topic or experience in mind, taking into account the different visitors that the park attracts. These themes are referenced and incorporated into details such as the style, faces, and interior decoration of home furnishings.

“Luxury apartments” are small, sturdy kits with less space and modernity, for those who love the great outdoors and plan to spend most of their time there instead of living there. On the other hand, & # 39; s family home & # 39 ;, offers guests a spacious social room, such as a living room and dining room, where many loved ones can gather. To protect looga to feel connected to nature, however, the doors of the rooms flow will help to completely open to the outside.

“Royalty apartments” are all about a comfortable stay in a safe place. These feature two floors, a comfy bed, and fully equipped kitchen and dining room with all of these modern amenities in spite of some beautiful surroundings. Finally, guests can choose the XL apartments. This site is designed for a large group of family and friends and is based entirely on space reduction.

In addition to selecting the perfect home for their party, guests can choose specific topics and decorative plans that are best for their needs as well! For example, they may consider incentives such as coffee, running, denim, or nature. Regardless of the differences, the designers customized the hotels to “speak the same visual language” and get along with each other, like the different parts of the larger family.

Photos provided by the designers.