& # 39; The Idea of ​​the Kingdom & # 39; Learning Goals, he Shooganayn, with H.I.V.-good story intervention

During the Second World War, Terrence Howard, a musical, music musician, made a statement on his son Jamal (Jussie Smollett): "I am not mine but for me And on the day you die from AIDS, I celebrate it. "

It may be the worst thing a parent can tell a child, and some other examples of the fetus of the Lucious community.

After the three moments, the "Kingdom" announced H.I.V./AIDS again, but at this time, the subject was prepared for the story, to educate the viewers, who are not surprised. Section 4 states that they are opposed to the rebuilding, development of Jamal's interview, Kai (Toby Onwumere), including Kai's announcement on holding H.I.V. On Wednesday, Targai (Taraji P. Henson) knows the condition of Kai at the hospital, where he is recovering after missing out on a story story. She laughed: "Are you going to let you hurt?" She slaps Jamal, leaving the Kai restaurant.

In recent phone conversations, Smollett said the "monarch" was planning to include the HI.V./AIDS story line since the beginning of the show. In the past few years, the plans will "come out" and "happen," he said, but now, "It was time."

He is concerned about how H.I.V./AIDS has become a "storyline" of Hollywood discussions and extensive culture. "I still lose AIDS," he said. Through the Jamaal relationship, hope is to be "normal" to the reality of living with pain and to stigmatize.

External views have been introduced, including H.I.V. Pill Wilson, the founder of the Black AIDS Institute, who is a Smollett businessman, has been working since he was a young man. "The writers we have, everything – the whole team, we can do," he added.

HI.V./AIDS was a popular theme for authors, encouraged the Special Episodes that often exhibited only the film's performances in order to persuade each other onscreen. (See the section "A World Different" with the guest star Tisha Campbell, known as Student-College Hill College & # 39; or Tony Goldwyn, a famous man who is dying of AIDS in "Women for Women.") As an outbreak of AIDS, also photographed the editorial editor, who had been shortly before the mid-2000s, with the appearance of occasionally "Queer as Folk."

With the introduction of Kai, the "Empire" joined many videos of TVs from the last few years of which featured H.V.V. characters. including "Hormar," Amazon Transparent, ABC, "How To Obtain The Kill" and FX "Pose." Apart from "Pose", which dates back to the dark and black wet dancer of New York City during the 1950s, these programs are in the present time and will try to have a real HIV test, or a relationship with a person. ("I like Pose", "said Smollett, because" they are good at the heart of the beginning, and we are able to say that day. ")

References to PrEP, the viral network that greatly reduces the possibility of contracting H.V.V. Through sex, it is analyzed in the texts. For the "search," for example, Dom (Murray Bartlett) told Agustin (Frankie J. Alvarez), who did not wait for an order for someone living with HIV, "It's not 1994 – just go to PrEP." , "The food is asking Jamal if he is ready to die"; Jamal explains that the medicine is for people like HI.V. refusal, "to prevent the disease."

Smollett said he had asked the authors to give Jamal the disease. "What I was looking for, & # 39; What is the way we can handle, to tell the story? & # 39; He said.

But according to Brett Mahoney, who took over the 5th season, monitored the cookie (this is a great picture of a nightmare public broadcast media) helped go & # 39; trust this option. The speech "will never reject Jamaal," he said. "We wanted to tell a story where they were convinced of the significance of the current H.I.V./AIDS" and "acceptance of Kai."

Smollett is happy that this is the way she came out. "I think it's important to see him without having to," he said, and instead he "sees how he treats someone he likes to have."

It may not be indirect, the actors demonstrating how the "Kingdom" and "Transparent" are working on the situation, either directly or by representatives, appear to be from L.G.B.T. communities. Mahoney said team members feel that soft brown softness such as Jamal is talking to H.I.V. Some: "It will be part of his world."

In the past, Ellie Kirshenbaum, Program Officer of the 20th Century Fox Television, issued a "Empire," presented a story about a businessman in Joe's day after the incident that occurred on the Maple heart disease, said Mahoney. A woman told the store that she was encouraged to buy healthy food. "The number of black and white people, and especially black and black men, who still receive H.I.V." has shown the opportunity to show a change, he said.

But Smollett stressed that he did not want to make it "this is the next step for homosexuality." He said it is important to include the Jamal line of "cookie" on the PrEP's rule, "This is not something new, not only, but not on the walls." (On the other hand, "How close is murder suspects," all display almost all the main features of sex, has received criticism during the first season of H.I.V. just a topic with popular signs. In later stages they may submit additional nausea.)

Apart from the tragic flood of Jaccious's second winter, which is finally forgotten through garbage collection, writers are planning to continue processing H.I.V. such as the Kai and Jamal relationships. In the next case, Mahoney said, the food will be seen in his education H.I.V. and what it looks like to live in today.

However, Smollett is happy to have a storytelling "two black-colored men." At the end of Wednesday, Jamal and Kai have been present – rarely, although not before, at the time of TV history. (Black labels became vaguely and finally married to Noah Noah, who was introduced in the two seasons in 2005 and 2006.)

"This is not exciting about Jamal's story since the Season 1," Smollett said. "For a long time I say: & # 39; Was Jamal only a normal and healthy relationship? Did this not get?" & # 39;

"Vegetable and Lucious are healthy, but they still have their problems, I think he should still be released from prison for 17 years, then divorced, and then married Boo Boo Kitty, his son," he added. "So Kai and Jamal are, each of them means the best health relationship with the show."