& # 39; United by Emotion & # 39;: 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games Introducing Summer Motto

Tokyo: The organizers of Tokyo 2020 on Monday concluded the theme of this year's Olympics, "United by Emotion", which they say reflects "global values" and "unifying sports power".

"A lot of viewers who didn't know each other before the Games will come together and learn that there is a lot to unite them," Tokyo 2020 said when presenting the objective.

The official purpose of the Olympics is "Citius, Altius, Fortius" or "Quick, High, Strong", but each host city has chosen its own purpose with the publication of these Games.

London's goal for 2012 was "Inspire a Generation", while Athens went 2004 to "Welcome Home" – a place where the Olympic Games were born.

A very welcome addition was Sochi, which went "Hot. Cold. You.", Resulting in rooms in some areas.

Tokyo said the motto will be rolled out to Skytree Square in the Japanese capital to raise awareness as it will be seen for miles.

The opening ceremony will be on July 24 and organizers have stressed that there are no talks about changing this date despite the Coronavirus crisis taking place around the world.

Tokyo 2020 clashes have not always been good. In September 2015, Sports Illustrated was killed after being falsely accused.

Designer Olivier Debie said the design had been stolen from his Belgian theater logo and threatened a court action before these officials became an icon, saying "there is no public support" now.

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