& # 39; Violence tax & # 39; India is not a Primary Choice Formula E, Says CEO

New Delhi: The same problem faced by Formula One in closing the Indian market has proved that it is a bargain of the Form E, according to football director Alejandro Agag, who has not seen the play from the moment at any time.

Agag said he would like to compete in more than one billion people in the country but in the current situation, it is not just possible. India, however, has a strong representation of the Formula E format through Mahindra Racing who runs for the series since the 2014-15 season.

"India's biggest concern is the tax and we've made a lot of research on India, and we see that Formula 1 has faced a lot of tax issues in India, and is a serious threat to India's competitiveness, "Agag told the PTI.
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"They are very strong at this time, they want to worry, so you do not know where you stand, I think that's why the Formula 1 does not go on in India, we want to have a tax full and then see the migration of India. "
Formula E will be entering his fifth grade in December and is proud of the presence of roads like Audi, Jaguar, Nissan and BMW except Mahindra. Before starting a season four seasons before, Agag was confident of competing in India and even exploring places where he could compete for the road race.

"We were looking for places, and we would like to go to India and we have three chances – Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai, we see the right track for the race, and we have a great deal of Indian Pictures of Mahindra (Sony Pictures Networks) We need to be sure that taxpayers, "he said.

The series has succeeded in attracting large producers but the car's performance has gone beyond a lot of demand.

"I would say still in the early stages of technology development, Formula E goal is to improve technology but you can not go any season.

"This operation compared to conventional vehicles is not the same level, but is caught, five or 10 years, the performance is so high: Roads, I feel the performance is good," Agag said.

The manager also said the series is now "a good money" and re-investing the money.

"It's normal at this time, when I started it, there were challenges, but I do not see any progress in the long term, at least in the league.

"The teams have the cards near their chest, and I do not tell them how they work, but I see them all fully confident in the series."

The league is also on Formula 1 drivers and the new season is Felipe Massa, Pascal Wehrlein and Stoffel Vandoorne.

"These three drivers were in Formula 1 recently and their presence only makes us in our league," Agag said.

"I can say that I did not compare these two, I did not know that Formula E would be able to reach the Formula 1 motorcycle performance but there will be a time when our competition will be a good fit for the automotive industry."

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