4 Crazy Travel Stories from My World Travel Trip

Travel can open us up to a million experiences. It’s what makes this trip such a fun (and popular) hobby. About your experience putting yourself in a foreign place and doing foreign things; basically removes you from your comfort zone. You try new things, you run the risk, the barriers are reduced.

I think that is what attracted us the first time. That opportunity to learn something new or try something different. And when you are traveling full time (be it a gap year or as a nomad), these experiential opportunities will be very exciting. Dangerous.

Travel can be fun. But it should also be a challenge. Being part of responsible travel, coupled with respect to local laws and customs, ensures you are safe and secure. If you are traveling full time, it is not important – but important – to have travel insurance.

Having travel insurance gives you the peace of mind to take those risks and those risks, knowing that if the worst happens, you will be in good hands. To illustrate those scenarios where you need (or need) travel insurance, I swapped out Travel Insurance for Survival to share some of my most dangerous stories on the journey.

Travel Insurance

Survival it is a great travel insurance option for long-term travel because you have no limits on your political enrollment, and it works in over 180 countries!

As travel becomes more accessible (and affordable), we can open ourselves up to even more adventure travel and crazy stories. Here are some of my life-saving travel experiences that I have had in my full-time travel experience. All the experiences we would not have had if we had not had the stability that comes with it travel package with useful travel insurance & # 39;.

4 Crazy Travel Stories
around the world

The study of politics in the West Bank, Palestine

When traveling long distances to Israel and the Middle East, there is always a low concern about regional security. Ongoing conflicts and political clashes are often limited to areas of conflict, but the history of the region makes you wonder how prepared and safe you are when visiting the region.

West Bank

My first visit to Israel was a particularly violent time. It was in early June 2010 that many activists in Turkey were making political trips to try to break the Gaza embargo. It was a week before I wanted to come to Jerusalem, a month later in Egypt, and I remember watching the news from the Gold Coast restaurant (Island of Sinai).

Nine activists were killed and several Israeli soldiers were injured in the ongoing international war, escalating an already tense conflict between Israel and Palestine. And not to be a glib: but I didn't know what to do as a
a backpack with plans to easily explore the region.

Finally, I postponed my trip for a few more days to see how the world would react, to measure the situation on the ground and make sure I could still travel.

But I am a patient traveler, and a week after the incident, I found myself in Jerusalem. Instead of letting the fear of terror overwhelm my journey, I took this opportunity to learn and learn from what I could.

Over the next two weeks traveling through Israel and the West Bank, I spoke to journalists and activists, worked with Israeli military officials, and witnessed political protests and demonstrations in Jerusalem and Tel. Aviv both.

Palestinian flag of Nablus

It is easy to feel the tension on the ground, with the latest news and international reports about the flotilla, there has been clear sarcasm and extreme enthusiasm from everyone. Eventually, I became interested and coping with what happened, and found myself a volunteer at a charity.

My parents who live at home, watching what happens on the news, are understandable. But, out there on the floor, it felt more manageable and I had the tools that went with me and I knew I needed to be safe. And I made sure to register and (most likely) comply with travel advice from the US Department of State. Finally, it was not an unsafe time to travel to the Middle East. There was a scary drive by those who needed people to be afraid.

It is easy to let the fear of a foreign place, and the political tension of the region, control your travel options. But when you find the right device and with a good sense of travel, the world does not have to feel intimidated.

Ta Prohm Temple, Angkor, Cambodia 5

A tale of a motorcycle from Kampot, Cambodia

It seems like everyone has a motorcycle tale from Southeast Asia; It's almost as effective as traveling to SEA.

I have been traveling for almost a year at the moment. When you push back, you tend to meet a lot of people going back for a long time, but in Cambodia, maybe a little lonely, I went on two other trips – a man and a girl, both in the UK.

We were close friends and spent weeks together in Cambodia (and eventually Vietnam) together. And maybe they were younger than me, or maybe they were British, and we seemed to have one crazy, joint experience for almost a month.

In Kampot River river, where I spent a week eating food rubbish and have intensified, have been a bit of an insight. A nearby national park recommended any guidebook we see ourselves drowning in the river every day, so one day we collected some truckloads, rented motorcycles, and we drove up the hill.

Remote castle

In the car (consciousness) as we drove through the well, we found a neglected, downed church, where we stayed for a few hours, telling confusing stories, and took some funny pictures. Later in the day, as we headed up the mountain, in a way, we managed to break one of the motorcycles, though.

Maybe it was a flat tire? Or are we running out of fuel? Or maybe we didn't know we were riding safely on the bicycle, and the misty weather made it all the more difficult. Stranded on the side of a mountain, with a few hiking trails, starving and waterless and unsure of how to proceed, we waited for them to appear as if riding a vehicle.

In the end, we were able to ride in the back of a truck. Without speaking the language and talking to strangers, we went back to the city, left the motorcycle shop, and then headed back to our river bridge.

Our fun day would have turned out differently than when we weren't a bad person, thankfully the motorcycle was broken before anyone was injured, but it was a stressful day trip. What kind of day thank you for having insurance if something worse could happen.

Indian trains - high bucket!

Couchsurfing on Eve Eve in Bangalore, India

It was the Christmas situation. Traveling in India is difficult, but fortunately I was with one of the best friends, a former colleague who also had to leave work in order to pay for the bag all over the world. In Bangalore, on holidays, we decided to try Couchsurfing with a local Indian couple.

I just met with the couple in the evening, after I share some of the Pizzas and whiskey and taken, we have seen ourselves to live in the open. That's when the couple shared their secret with us: they were comedians, as well as their friends. They wanted us to know, just in case. While we have no interest in the transfer, we have made the best of it. Live and let it live!

Christmas day has arrived and we have agreed to invite other Couchsurfers to a party – on the roof of their building. An Italian member of the group cooked the big pasta for Christmas dinner, and I played DJ in a high-end peanut style for the amazingly quiet neighborhood of Bangalore. Our new comrades spent the evening introducing everyone in the group – letting each one of us know that they are changing, that they are open-minded, ready.

Lots of talk later, and the little group that came together was all but gone. The next morning, while stopping for the rest of our travel plans in Bangalore, my friend and I were on the next train ready and out of town.

Sometimes you find yourself in unfavorable situations when traveling, and you have to walk now. Make sure you have a safe and secure way to travel when traveling. And travel insurance to ensure it is protected.

Club in London

Tequila very much in London, England

Like all good parties, there was more tequila involvement. As an overseas study in London, there was also a severe lack of funding. Imagine yourself a 20-year-old American student in the United Kingdom. Too much freedom, able to legally drink in bars and clubs, is a city with crazy nightlife.

But with no money, I often find parties and student parties, hipster, underground clubs designed for students. Tequila gets balls for £ 1 each, all night – almost every night of the week.

It was Tuesday evening and I found myself in one of this group of friends. Attempting to show off my party skills, having found a cheap and trashy (but fun) club a week ago, I had to skip tequila shots. Because about 20 minutes as I was walking on the dance floor, I saw myself in the bathroom, draining my face with water.

It wasn't until 3 a.m., when I woke up to the toilet to shout out a man yelling "oi, you, get up and get out of here" did I realize that something was wrong. Seventeen phone calls and text messages "where are you?" It made me believe that I was missing a bit – my friends were missing me, thinking I was going to drag.

Luckily I still had 10 quid in my bag (how ?!) but that wasn't enough to bring me back to my place. A taxi took me until my money, leaving me for a 30-minute walk home, smelling toilets and tequila.

I was stupid and stupid, responsible and – obviously – drunk. Thankfully I made the home safe and sound, without injury.

It is easy to let the fear of a foreign place, the political crisis in the region, or the fear of being ill control our travel choices. But when you get the right equipment, the world does not have to feel too intimidating. Travel should open us to this kind of crazy travel stories, experiences that you remember long after.

That's one of the greatest joys of traveling. It's fun and interesting to a release. But it is also important to do so safely and with the protection you need.

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