5 Financial Mileage May can be very happy

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Millions are accused of a lot. Often, they are accused of cost and responsibility. The criticism that the Millennials are not able to or do not want to save money or invest in the wrong way.

Most of these critics are unfair. In fact, if you look at what Millennials have won in their finances, they have a lot of pride.

1. More than one in the last three years has a home

The Pew Research Center reported that about 35 per cent of Million now have a home. That is lower than the national average, but many experts say the increase in the military spending in recent years helped to raise the overall level of ownership for the first time since the Crisis. According to the Millennials subcommittees (mortgage rates, loan borrowing, permanent wages), more than one-third of the landlord is something that is sneezing. (See also: 10 Reasons to Pay Millennia Due to Some Money Laundering)

2. Homeowners in the age of 1,000 have a good credit

Research from Ellie Mae, a researcher on consumer finance, shows that Million Dollar booths do not track people with credit credit. In fact, the FICO average score for the Millennial Budget 2017 was 723, which is "good". (See also: 7 Millennium Budgets are Good Value for Money)

3. Millenniums hit their target stocks

The United States Banking Forum in 2018 has revealed that about two-thirds of the Millennium holders of stock reserves are able to stick to each month. In fact, 16 per cent of the centuries have $ 100,000 or more from the stock. 59 per cent of democrats feel economically. These situations directly contradict the fact that Millennium did not know how to save and dispose of every dollar they earn.

4. MILLIONS demand higher and often

If you are a million times a year, there is a good chance to call for courage to ask for a salary increase, and you get it. Bank of America said 46 per cent of the Millenniums requested to upgrade over the last two years, 80 per cent of these people received high wages. Boomers Boomers, Gen Xers, and other generations have followed the demand for extra money. (See also: 6 Billion Minor Budget Budgets)

5. Million have made cheap and easy investment

It is used to make these investments special for the best, and you can only buy savings through a human businessman who blamed the Supreme Council. But in the last 20 years since Millennials began investing, it has fallen. Indexed stock with the highest share of cost has reduced investment. The discount professions are involved in the bottom line of commercial commissions.

There are also modern technology that facilitates buying even the fractions. Millennials are also responsible for raising new services such as robots, magazines, and more. (See also: How is Boomers and Their Millennium Creating Market Market?)

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5 Financial Mileage May can be very happy