5 Interesting and useful phone app for Travel or Home

If you are anything like me, you probably have spent a lot of time on your phone lately. My phone has always been the things I enjoy; indeed, it is always the most beautiful thing ever in my hand. I generally keep it in my front pocket, or in a bag, or in my hand. She is always there.

Since my phone is my best friend, I would be better off not offering it to his friends and stuff! My phone needs attention and care, as it gives me.

In most travel package lists, you will find a variety of mobile devices for practical purposes. While all of these are great and useful & # 39; s a lot of fun, there are many interesting phone accessories you can use to add a little glam or style to your look.

5 of my favorite phone devices

There is no question that we spend a lot of time on our phones, and while we are very satisfied with that screen, it makes sense that there are many ways to deal with, if it is a long night, partying. , Or just a bit of fun at home.

guard of telephone cords

Cable guards

If you are anything like me, you will burn the charging cable every few months. The constant struggle to put it in a pocket or a jacket, or lift it and put it in a suitcase – tying and tearing the phone wires always makes them fall fast. Especially the iPhone cables that seem to be designed to dissipate.

I'll put it in secret, though. The cables of your phone can be protected! My favorite phone accessories are these cute pet watchers. For about $ 10, you get a couple of animal wire guards. Whenever I use it in public, I always find it safe and "ohhhh where do you find those?" They are fun, cheap, and fun – the best combo to save money and save on your phone.

Headphones & # 39; HeadPods Pro & # 39;

The AirPods Pro update software released in 2019 is a great selection of travel technology for travelers, independents, and digital nomads. In fact: everyone. Now that I'm at home, I find myself using them even around the house in my closet. The sound is great and the AirPod Pro headphones even block out all the terrible noise that is happening outside.

Read more about why I love the automatic headset of & # 39; AirPods Pro & # 39 ;.

Interesting phone cases

Want to add personality to your phone? Use an interesting or fun phone case! It's very interesting to personalize your phone (especially when we all have the same phones).

Amazon has all sorts of interesting options in interesting phone cases. Go for the effects, toys & # 39; s toys with this Pikachu & # 39 ;, or follow a seasonal one that looks like this gingerbread phone cover. The more ridiculous, the better – as 3D the soft case of & # 39; Ficone French Fries & # 39; or a Pringles design.

Portable winds

In these times when you are not at home, portable battery packs and recharges are very important. Even as the phone manufacturers extend battery life of any new type, if you use your phone as much as I use my mine, you will still need a smart phone backup.

I have about 5600+ watt battery packs I received from Walmart (after my last one was stolen) for less than $ 10. The above feature means it will be available for days to help me cover times when battery life is low. can happen.

Hair Care & Hair Care Leave

No wonder regular contact with our phones makes them very dirty, potentially infected. Besides regular fingerprints and dirt and dust, it is important (now more than ever) to make sure your phone is cut.

I used to use lightweight technology lenses to keep the screen clean, but now I'm looking for extra cleaning products that I can use to keep my phone spread.

Our phones are an extension of ourselves. It's important to have a device installed and give your phone a fun and interesting 39 & quot;