5 Rats (ish) Things to Add to the Sleeping Room

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The bedroom is a relaxed atmosphere, often on the verge of total depression. After Ping-Ponging from coast to coast, and from one small house to another, I learned the value of doing a regular audit to keep my belongings under control. (Pre-Marie Kondo, my sins were inevitable, not to glow with happiness.)

But the experience also made me become your husband more efficiently and storing what I have. Some of my bedrooms have also doubled as living rooms, offices and nurseries, making them a storage space, a double-sided device that is even more important.

It may feel like a compromise and you can add something more to a messy space, but organizing tools can give you the upper hand against overcrowded cabinets and bad floor plans. In collaboration with Wirecutter, a New York Times reviewer who recommends products, here are five cheap (ish) products that can help make the best of every inch.

A slender, slender forearm

Every adult is eligible for an adult bed, but in a small bedroom, sometimes that means the body is stretched out against a wall, and many late-night kits will not cut it. A lightweight bed frame can be incorporated into areas that other people can't, and it can keep your night essentials away.

Wirecutter recommends lightweight but firm IKEA Nordli small bedrooms. They are under-feet wide, so it is appropriate in the complex, but they still have more things such as high shelves and re-patterned to hide behind looga cords.

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The easiest way to carve out the secrets of an open floor plan is in a room, but some – like flawed books, for example – can take up more room. A late piece, on the other hand, makes the best use of space. You can stretch the ceiling or hang the straps, but the easiest way to use one without damaging your walls is to focus on the week of stress. The Wirecutter option for curtain distributors is the RoomDividersNow Tension Rod Room Divider Kit because it installs in minutes, puts it in places up to 12 feet wide and comes in a variety of colors and shapes.

Shelf floating

You don't have to miss out on the side of the bed when the floor is hard The shelf or wall-mounted laboratory can create enough room for a small lamp, an alarm clock and a few things, and its soft chain can make a room look cluttered. less than models sitting on the floor. Another bonus: If you have a high ceiling for storage, the poor shelf will not be available on the photo street as it can be seen through the legs.