6 Uses to help keep your medicines

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If you have a medical condition that requires a prescription medication, you know exactly how much it can be. Increasing the cost of treatment is increasing to hurt customers & # 39; pocket & # 39; – and their health. In fact, the latest Consumer Survey, 17 percent of respondents said they did not complete a doctor's certificate because of the cost.

However, to change your medication because you can not afford it can endanger your health and you can get worse with your medical conditions. Fortunately, there are programs that can help reduce your expenses and make your medicines more affordable. (See also: One Water Needed to Answer You Choose a Good Health Care Plan)

1. Easy Drug Card

Lightweight CDs are a discounted prescription drug program that you can use to pay for your medicines, if you do not have insurance or if the insurance does not cover your medical expenses. What makes Easy Easy Drug Card programs except the one you should also be able to use to protect your pet medications, too.

With simple drug card, you can get discounts up to 80 percent of the cost of medicine.

2. Talk to the family

FamilyWize is a free program that you can download or print a discount card and use it for any important pharmacy. This program is for everyone, and if you do not have insurance. Give it to a pharmacist, and they will have the card details. The FamilyWise card is accepted for all major pharmacies, the average savings average is 40 percent per prescription.

3. GoodRX

Most people go to the same pharmacy to complete all their medications. It's simple, but you may have to pay a reasonable price.

The cost of the medication can vary from pharmacies even if you have insurance. For example, if you need to fill out the Lipitor in the Orlando area, you will pay $ 23 for Walgreens. But, if you are ready to buy Costco, you will pay only $ 10 for the right medicine.

However, you do not need to call any pharmacy to get a quote. GoodRX is an app that helps to facilitate the process. Simply download the app and enter the name of your medicine and write down the cost of local pharmacies near you. Even better, GoodRX also advertises ads you can use for every pharmacy to save money, too. (See also: 7 Good Goals for Your Health)

4. ScriptSave WellRX

ScriptSave WellRx helps you get the lowest value for your medicines and offers low cost to help save even a lot of money. Just enter your name and password, and the app will tell you the cheapest local pharmacy at the price. Bring up your CashSave WellRX card, and store up to 80% of your medicines. It particularly helps people who do not have insurance or those who have high money.

5. CVS ExtraCare

With the CVS ExtraCare program, you can manage your medications and sign the Health Insurance Program. With this program, you can earn points that might be backed up to Target tickets.

You earn $ 5 for 10 points you get:

  • Complete or complete the prescription drug: 1 credit

  • Complete or complete 90-day medication: 3 points

  • Fill in the pharmacy: 1 point

  • Sign up for reminder: 1 point

  • Get the flu shot or the chemist at the pharmacy shop: 1 point

  • Prepare your online cookies: 3 points

As you can see, these loans add up, and you can use the shopping cart receipts, including food, gifts, or homes.

6. Walgreens

The Walgreens program is a complete tool that you can use to manage your family medicine. You can transfer your prescription, recycle, and even a pharmacy specialist with the app.

The program can also help you save money by earning points for completing your medicines:

  • Wear 100 points in the 30-day prescribed medication.

  • Wear 300 points for 90 hours.

  • Wear 100 points per shot.

These scores can be returned to the registry discount.

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6 Uses to help keep your medicines