7 reasons to send Christmas cards this year

& # 39; Wow this season!

SPONSORED – Do you remember these days when the cards begin to come to the post office? Red, white, green, yellow envelopes. Long sheets, printed images, and greetings. Reminders of relatives and friends you have not seen for years. Welcome to open envelopes, reading messages, and stickers.

Millennials are often blamed at the end of everything, but we are also responsible for repeating many things & nbsp; nostalgia. And here I came to say: we can not restore the Christmas cards!

One of the statistics I found online said that more than 2 billion Christmas cards are sent to any US dollar. The other figures include the fact that people send average average 20 cards per summer during the summer. Any new family member is guaranteed to send more than one picture to each person and everyone. But personally I saw the small cards of my passenger.

On the contrary, many of our social media articles at the end of the year: The top nine Instagram, a Facebook page that describes the most interesting of our films last year, a goal list, or a large email with 5 drawings attachments. It's simple, but a kind of boring one. The actual Christmas cards are very meaningful.

Because (1), I am boring / busy, and (2) without posting the mail, I use the MyPostcard program and I send it to this year's cards. It's fast, easy, affordable, and I can make my bed.

7 reasons to send Christmas cards this year

7 Causes You Still Have To Play Card Cards

This means much

Sure, you can post the video on Facebook which shows you a pre-selected list of key features in your history. Yes, you can write e-mail and send it, but it looks like sending a generic message. The call is not guaranteed to reach the people you really cares about. And when they got it? They will know they really mean something that suits you.

In the digitalization of digitalization, it is easy to feel as a "Facebook friend." Sending a Christmas card to someone, however, is a sign of the real interests of a person's life – and to share in your life. It takes more than the social media post to create meaningful connotations.

Christmas cards

The bodies are long

Yes, yes, yes-updating the situation is easy, but it also goes away. Send Christmas cards to someone's mailbox, but, there is no way to avoid them!

Christmas cards are looga legally required to be presented to the 26th for the first time, so constant reminders about the relationship / relationship / friendship with them. This guarantees you at least a few weeks of everyday vision of a person's life – more can be reported on any media community.

Positive Opportunity

Here is an open secret about Christmas cards. Yes, it means to serve reminders that they are important for your life. But honestly: Christmas cards are usually about wider than the home

It's a chance to shine! To be treated with dignity, to share the wonderful news of the year.

7 reasons to send Christmas cards this year

It's really easy

Personally, I was away from sending the latest updates in recent years because of (1), I was bored, and (2), I always thought it was a long time. In fact, the sending of Christmas cards does not make much effort, and can be done in the afternoon in the west. And it can easily use the MyPostcard program because they can all be made up of the flight and then plan to send when you are ready.

Send Christmas cards with app

Better than the appearance of algorithmically shape

There is no secret that I love love and hate in social media, and I think many of us are the same. Sure, social media will have the opportunity to continue your message and reach more people, but also means they are not likely to reach people who really interpret you. Hellllllooooo design! Listen, it's not bad (I guess), but this should once you reach it straight and share something meaningful with the best you.

Every social media project offers the opportunity to share the "best things of the year" – all created by using nefarious algorithms and involvement in most public activities. Personally, this year's video year of Facebook will not show me the most important things this year. Islam is followed by Instagram Top Nine, as well as even My Spotify Important features are not a reflection of my favorite memories and moments.

That is most of our lives are certain of these days; We must take time to be honest to evaluate our year and tell them the best. And then share it * that * because it just goes a lot about ours and our loved ones. Write a personal message that reflects your year and send it to the Christmas card.


You have the opportunity to say something important

Here's a story: use the end of your greeting at the end of the year to share something important, meaningful. December is a dangerous and dangerous month; A message of love and hope and anticipation means that you are. Everyone can use a little holiday joy and a message of personal and individual station a popular means a lot.

Still yet!

Many may argue that the cards be sent quickly than the last, and-yes-that make sense, it is not justified to avoid the chance looga all. Christmas messages, holiday cards, and end-0f-year messages are working well everywhere in December, and if you miss the deadline – a happy year's message is fun. In addition, she develops many ways to send online cards, in fact, really easy.

There is no excuse! Try to make an hour and send this card this month. And if you need more details, try my discount code TRAVELSOFADAM so that you can send me a free mail on MyPostcard.

7 reasons to send Christmas cards this year

Easy and easy way to send Christmas cards to MyPostcard:

  1. Signature free for MyPostcard online or download app on Play or Play Store
  2. Share with contact addresses for specific addresses with whom you plan to send cards (the booklet's special address is on your web page so you can send it back to future cards)
  3. Choose from hundreds of architectural designs on the internet or you can apply for paper cards
  4. Draw your picture and Create your card app (or page)
  5. Last edited those you love using the book in your address or schedules to send late date