9 New books We recommend this week

MEDICAL TREATMENT ARE: Stories and stories, by Philip Pullman. (Knopf, $ 30.) This book displays the author's pictures and lectures on the most famous British author for his three "Black Diagnostics" moves the animation, vocabulary and interest of the story to the story. It is linked to a call for intellectual, human and racial discriminatory, and asks how it may show children's texts. "If this looks like a higher order for children's books," Laura Miller, our reviewer, wrote, "This is the fact that Pullman's appeal is true and he speaks of himself as intelligent, intelligent It's enough to understand the world, he clearly writes when he writes them because of how he writes to everyone. "

MELMOTH, by Sarah Perry. (Custom House, $ 27.99.) This Traffic article, which has grown significantly in Prague over the time of the tragic history of the 19th century, "Melmoth Wanderer," a lazy woman removes all the earth from history, witnessing the humanitarian crisis. "It is a bitter story that bites even bones by pointing to a warm, humorous, multicultural way," said Danielle Trussoni on the last pages of the shocking books. "Terrorism is not a problem, it's not a risk, in fact, though the concert is for both." The real fear of this dream is not the whole of the world, but the humanity of the human being. "

SONS-SINCE: Serial killing date from Rock until now, by Peter Vronsky. (Berkley, paper, $ 17.) Soft part of murder, and focus on "da & # 39; golden age" of a series of murders in the United States (1950-2000), the connections of the relationship between the killings and the subsequent generation trained zookeeper was mauled followed. "Vronsky has a horrible view of & # 39; a bigger package & # 39; a US-based assassin from the Second World War and Child's Future," Marilyn Stasio writes her reviewing this book along with other criminal offenses. "It looks like criminals who made the first killing during the peak periods …" they all live in the largest human populations of the greatest humanitarian terrorists in the world's largest and most significant severe "

CHILDREN'S CHILDREN: FB.I. Representatives of the Representatives Representatives of the National Bank of Somalia, by Jeffrey L. Rinek and Marilee Strong. (BenBella, letter, $ 16.95.) Rinek gives readers a detailed description of the skills and techniques of the FBI's "core and humanity, the features that are missing many criminal scripts," Marilyn Stasio wrote the story of the end. The book is a "skilled job, full of light bulbs about office daily operations." Especially interesting interviewers are given sex offenders who have been stolen … the voice of Rinek, "he Stasio added, "It is soft when it comes to victims."

HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS, by Laird Hunt. (Little, Brown, $ 22.) Milk memory, black milk reads like a ghost story over Grimm. There are animal behavior and secretly called Granny here before and a lot of fear looga table. The truth comes from the many sophisticated sophistication stories in the United States – and then makes it even more scary. "It is frustrating to look for a complete ethical code … But the hunt is not predictable," Eowyn Ivey wrote on his site. "This is a very good book to read when you are safely at your house, your back wall, while the outside doors of the trees and the leaves are black."