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Shoulder on a dark side, the hit TV series (formerly) premiered its second season on Tuesday night, opening with two highly-regarded episodes about Chris Benoit. The first season of the series was an unexpected success for the disruptive network, drawing on the greatest view of the original series in its history, so whether or not they would build on that success was a great question. entering a new era. Since they began the two-hour tense season on the biggest and most powerful story in the history of the business, they have seen a very strong possibility.

And they did so.

According to Show Buzz Daily's Top 150 list of Tuesday's adults in the 18-49 social census, the two-hour event came to 80th place with a 0.14% rating, nearly double the previous show. With an average total of two hours watching, the show drew 320,000 viewers, another high-profile series, The High Water mark earlier this season was 234,000 viewers on the Von Erich family, so this week's film went off 36.8%. In the most important scenario, the previous figure was 0.08% for both events and next week's edition of Gino Hernandez's death, so the Benoit incident was above 75%.

This is all especially impressive since the first half of the two-part series was free on the line for a few days.

Tuesday also featured a series of shows Black Side: After Dark, “Aftershow” hosted by comedian / singer Chris Gethard. In each show, and received little or unprecedented, is not an important part of the lead, still better enough to comfortably looga the 150 best and assessment of 0.05% of the video most important. (The half hour average is 127,000 viewers.)

Looking for ratings this season should show something interesting. Last year, it was just a word of mouth on his network, steadily growing over the first four weeks, showing a statistically significant decrease in week five (impressive since the emergence of the most knowledgeable topic well on a national level, (Hernandez), and then dropped a bit in the season finale (about The Fabulous Moolah). This year, they started with the most popular theme possible with more than double the viewers (154,000) and a significant demo rating (0.06%) in their first year.

The success of a show like this, which the network brings back a lot, doesn't just rely on the context of each event, the assessment of one event that we can easily track. But if they keep on this one, then Shoulder on a dark side They are more likely to stay here for a long time, regardless.

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