A modern and practical home called & # 39; Black Box Apartment & # 39; created by MATA Architects as a Victorian home extension

In central London, England, the creative designers of MATA Architects have transformed a stunning Victorian home in the Islington neighborhood by adding a modern extension to the owners' use of guest houses.

The Black Room is a small extension made on the first floor of the house, in the back where it does not violate the structure and historical integrity of the original building up to the level of the street. Couples with a central apartment wanted to add a space that could be used for both guesthouses and and the home office when no one visits, making it a different space.

Because the house is built into a dense urban metropolitan area, the opportunity to build extensions was basically everywhere but the back of the house was not really there. It was also important for the designers to keep their design in a great place to avoid having to die a little outside of the affordable home. This is a & # 39; s trust on both floors, with its home-built structure.

The advantage of this placement is that building extensions did not disrupt the structure or integrity of the historic building included. absolutely. In fact, the group even out their way to make the community a lower total represents some weatured and visual culture of consumption used in the original, creating a sense of ownership and joint.

The upper part of the extension is where the concept of modern design touches the exterior of the home. This is the part where Black Box gets its name. The upper floor is made of black Siberian birchwood timber with folding panels while the windows sit, allowing those inside to look for darker privacy or letting the sun go down, depending on their mood and time. the day.

Commissions are judged electronic elektaronigga a home, and break & # 39; the middle to the bottom again. As they open, the windows unveil a bright, shiny mirror that gives the interior a wonderful natural light without too much heat in the room.

These windows also serve to provide the upper floor of the apartment with a wonderful view of the city from behind the house. There is nothing like a glowing city displaying the flow of everyday life! The window also offers a closer view of the home gardens, which are allowed to be perfect and wide.

The purpose of building as a modern high-rise apartment is if the home box looks to be convertible, with the home adjustable according to the needs of the owners and their guests. The modern concept balances the traditional look of the original home with a blended experience that is truly beautiful.

Photos by Peter Landers