A new business site called Industrial Construction created by derksen

A changing place that is constantly developing business parks in the city of Rzenburg in the Netherlands, the need for a new, fully equipped business building has been filled by new desksen designers | windt architecten, which recently completed the Industrial Building.

The primary goal that the design team wanted to achieve in creating this building was sustainable and impactful on the bottom, both immediate and long term. They also wanted to create something unique and unique in terms of style and elegance, which is why they chose to work with inspiration such as rhythm when it comes to design and proportion.

The end result was a modern take on traditional traditional rooftop buildings similar to the industrial area and its history, but this time with more open concept, local materials and restored items, and the larger burden of allowing sunlight. the natural flow into the workspaces and fill the rooms.

Even just using this light helps both to make the building less impactful to its environment, as well as to make it a little more modern in its operations with some similarities to the brick and mortar industry warehouses. Not only does the light walk in light reduce the use of power, it also enhances the mood of anyone who is working or visiting, unlike some of the more ancient buildings where the interior feels dark, closed, and not necessarily welcome.

In selecting their image, the designers noted that many industrial buildings appear to be temporary thanks to their brittle materials and endless beauty, when in fact most will stand and work on important work. a community for years. Thinking about this is how they chose to try and establish a slightly different look at this time.

The existence of this new building is very similar; they are given a sense of strength and similar business thanks to the use of brick, metal, and concrete. Naqshadeeyayaashu they are certain, however, to give the place a little bit of finish and completed … well … complete! The space is small and practical but does not like ramshackle and is thrown away as soon as it is destroyed.

Because the building is part of a small commercial parking lot not far from Rotterdam ports, it is a possible location for any major business of any kind. That is why the next step of the project, in line with what you already see here, is to split the dynamic, opening up the idea of ​​four different business segments to create a functional but free stream of traffic.

The fact that the space will eventually be shared by several companies within one open source space, but that it still looks like an outdoor cultural industry, creates a unique combination of several things. Not only is the exchange between the indoor and outdoor businesses comparable, but the sense of modern business and modern industrial work brings together new and old, modern and historical. It's a tough situation and mixing culture.

Of course, the & # 39; desktop sawtooth & # 39; it is more than just a backdrop to the past and refers to past architectural styles. In this particular building, translucent columns built in are also an integral part of green heating, cooling, and lighting systems. This is another unique place where history, style, work, and innovation have all passed.

Another modern component that has not been found in blue brick building buildings yet proves to be very useful is the presence of several interior windows and windows, as well as closed doors. These tend to be broken by the visual and sometimes impediments of the inner and outer streets, making the building more accessible.

Maybe you can tell a lot of decorations still on, before the subtraction of various sectors and groups living in the companies, but facaddu added some pace and depth of the founding of a color. The masterpiece is evident on the surface of the bricks while the triangles of the triangle balance the neutrality and appearance of nature and modern geometry.

Photos by Rene de Wit