A small piece before going to bed: the first place in family harmony, creating a new civilized society

I didn’t know that the whole family had a good poem:

Small bed before going to bed: family harmony first, create a new civilized society

I was drinking at my father-in-law last night, accidentally Drink a little, mistakenly treat the little scorpion as a wife.

After waking up the next morning, I was found by the family and the whole family was very angry.

The father-in-law first opened:

How can two bottles of beer get drunk? Distinct thoughts are wrong!

Mother-in-law sees me ashamed and difficult, and then opens:

All are family, if anyone else charges!

My wife’s eyes are resentful, and I’m sobbing:

My service is in place, and I’m tired of sleeping.

I have to make a statement, and I’m acknowledging the mistake:

I’m not sleeping, it’s all alcohol, I’m drunk;

Everyone is right, they will not sleep anymore!

After we’ve all said it, the little nephew doesn’t want to:

You’re tired and tired, just sleep with your own men and women;

Every night I hear love and love, it makes me sleep hard all night;

Fortunately, my brother-in-law understands her sister, and tastes love last night;

Unfortunately, one night is too short, many postures are not in place;

I don’t want to give birth to a baby, don’t let resources waste; /strong>

You don’t want to blame, blessings and sharing without sin;

Family harmony first, create a new civilized society.

Pre-sleeping section: family harmony First, create a new civilized society