A wonderful cave in Buur Mountain of Zhejiang, China

The device, located on the mountainous high mountain of Zhejiang, near Hangzhou, was built in 1910 by a Doctor. At home, a renowned African Oriental decoration and central core, recently built the Shanghai Tianhua Design Architectural design firm, carefully and carefully to add a great detail.

Air image on the pen
Look of the castle and tall trees around it

Among the advantages of rural areas such as the rural areas include farmers' table diet and capacities that include a large range called Infinity pool & # 39; in which the structure enjoy all the attractions, including scenic spaces from the record to size.

Sports pool with natural space
With a pool
Terrace dried with views

In the vicinity around the fortress, bungalows around the corner have a unique look and look out for the beautiful nature, while the Cliffside Suites are decorated with beautifully decorated South African cuisine and supplementary tubes and windows. The last king and the queen of the charm, choose one of the castle possibilities, which is full of beautiful clothes and good hygiene.

Inside the room with a high ceilings
Slopes with rustic details
Mocking room