AB de Villiers held a Twitter conversation with Sadhguru, asking & # 39; How to fix the past & # 39;

AB de Villiers (Photo Credit: RCB)

AB de Villiers (Photo Credit: RCB)

AB de Villiers asked Sadhguru how to improve the experiences of his country, which has a long history of discrimination.

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  • Latest update: 10-Mar, 2020, 6:11 PM IST

South African legend & # 39; AB de Villiers & # 39; has taken to Twitter to share a friendly conversation with the famous Guru of the modern day, Sadhguru.

It started with AB giving a video question to Sadhguru about how his country can recover from past injuries. Su & ​​# 39; Aasha was featured in the video for Sadhguru in response to Satsang at the Isha Yoga Center. Commenting on South Africa's history of racism, AB asked "Su & # 39; what about my wife about you? How do we deal with the past?" Speaking further, he said "I really believe we have a wonderful and powerful nation and that if we find anyone who wants it, we have the power to change the world."

But before & # 39; his serious question was preceded by a mischievous one: "Hello Sadhguru, it's AB de Villiers here. The question I ask you today will be the number of next week's Lotto?" AB dead for reference to a local lottery with indiscriminate numbers that can lead to lucky luck. AB then broke up and said "I'm smoking" and asked his question about correcting the past.

Sadhguru responds with his attitude: "I come to this at the end because if I give you the numbers now, people will know that you won the lottery; we want that to happen because we want to see you hit the ball more time." ah, "he laughed and added," Even here in India people love your closet. "When the audience turned to cheers and applause, Sadhguru quickly added," Except when you play India "which attracted a lot of excitement.

Then he took the question & # 39; to AB: "Well, the wonderful continent that Africa is, has experienced great pain and suffering for the last 200 years and is still suffering in many parts. … We call it as it is already. There is no one, so we can manage it, "Sadhguru said." But it is in our hearts. "He spoke of the sacrifices of African freedom activists such as Steve Biko and Nelson Mandela in his urging the people of Africa not to let their struggle be in vain.Beating that there is only one choice – to turn our experience into wisdom or to "get rid of the wound" – Sadhguru says that whatever we turn into wounds they are alive. will go inside even if the experience is in the past.We can improve the future. Please do not try to fix the past … do not fall into the past.Let us create a better future for the country. The sale of South Africa "was Sadhguru's answer to su & # 39; Aasha AB."

Of course, he did not forget to answer the question & # 39; & # 39; Lotto & # 39; & # 39; & # 39 ;, I would give you the lottery number, but if you hit the ball well, you'll hit Lotto, & # 39; laughed with a laugh.

Sadhguru is scheduled to visit South Africa on April 4 and 5, 2020. A delightful "We Love You Sadhguru" from South Africa is making rounds on social media devices before his visit. On his first visit to Africa in 2016, Sadhguru has unveiled “Sadhguru School” in Uganda.

De Villiers then shared the same video on his Twitter account and wrote, "Conversation with a wise man from India. Thank you @SadhguruJV for this beautiful message about our country and the continent. It is truly an inspiration to all of us. Here in SA we are delighted to welcome you to April 4th.

On this, Sadhguru replied, I look forward to Africa, @ ABdeVilliers17 – a continent rich in history & biodiversity and a very good people in the natural world, has great opportunities. Sg. "