Advanced Internet Marketing Technology: Single Page Marketing Technology

Single page marketing technology: How to make a marketing single page

Single page marketing technology is a marketing and promotion technology that is more and more applied in recent years. Its core is: A large number of slogans that attract users and guide the user’s web content to create a single web page.

This kind of marketing-type single page can be posted on the web, such as blogs, forums, or an independent single-page marketing website. The characteristics of this page are strong, especially It is the popularity of H5+CSS3 technology, making this marketing page easy to guide users to close deals. Because of this, adapting to single page marketing technology is becoming more and more widely used in today’s online marketing.

Next, the professional network marketing teacher Pang Hong from Xinchuan Education will continue to explain the knowledge of single-page marketing technology.

 Advanced Internet Marketing Technology: Single-page marketing technology introductory

Single page marketing technology

One: Features of single-page marketing techniques:

  1. You can make your site a single page:

Is the website, then this website has only one homepage! It is best to make a separate domain name and server space, and make a separate website (the whole website is a single web page, which is made by anchor link technology), so that the weight of the entire website will be concentrated on this homepage, which is easy to SEO.

And such pages are great for search engine promotion. Users can also be clicked through other online ads.

2. Marketing single page impact:

1) Visual effects: This is related to our technology of web page art. Don’t focus on it (you can download some templates for such web pages to refer to the production).

2) The most important thing is to design a most iconic slogan or slogan to highlight the best selling points, such as “quality first-class”, “effect guarantee”, “help you succeed”, “Rapid promotion”, etc., now the advertising regulations can not use the “most”, so these slogans should use their brains and think about it. This type of slogan is generally placed at the top of the page in a prominent position.

Second: Marketing-oriented single-page production points:

1. Attract users’ attention, raise user needs, hit the user’s heart:

The content of our website sales is presented to the user as a problem. This is the most commonly used method. For example, the question on the online marketing page of our school is “Do you still worry about the sales problem of the company?”, “Modern Enterprise Do you have to do online marketing?” Wait, for those companies and individuals who have this need, this will undoubtedly attract him to look down. Then explain in the following page content, explaining the importance of the company’s network marketing.

2. Give a solution and show our strength and credibility:

Next we give the answer, since online marketing is so important, then we I have to learn. Then give the content of our school’s online marketing course, and explain all the problems of the user’s second step above.

Of course, at this time, users may not have any confidence in your products. What should we do? Let us help them to build up their confidence and build confidence. We will then show our strength and credibility, and put the truth in the truth. The way to tell users why this solution is feasible, for example, a single page of our online marketing will tell users that our school is a systematic network marketing training, from website construction, SEO to network promotion, integrated marketing network marketing training institutions And explain that one of the most important technologies in online marketing is SEO, because if your marketing page can’t be ranked high when users search, your promotion will be greatly discounted, and it indicates that a training institution can even connect its own keywords. The rankings are not doing well. How can we teach others to do SEO, do promotion, and do marketing? Then put forward the core keywords of the school “network marketing training” and the long tail word “Guangzhou network marketing training”, ranking the top three of any search engine home page. This will dispel the user’s concerns and build his confidence.

3. Give users extra surprises:

We can also give away certain products, such as a 5% discount for the top 20 registrations per month. The two departments report a 5% discount, or learn online marketing to give a corporate website construction to attract users, people have a cheap attitude, maybe these extra things are the last code to make it determined.

For example, we organize the statement like this:

“Our tuition fee is 5800 yuan”, “Immediate registration, 10% discount on tuition before XX XX XX”, “If You just saw this three-day promotion page, congratulations, the top 20 applicants in these three days, 20% off the tuition fee!” This step by step hit the user’s heart.

In general, this single page marketing technology is to focus on the user’s psychology and needs, step by step, a module to write down a module, directly hit the user’s heart, through the page infection And attract users to finally reach a deal.

Today’s discussion about single-page marketing technology is here. I will continue to share more professional online marketing knowledge for everyone. I hope it will be useful to everyone, and please remember our Xinchuan. Education, and teacher Pang Hong, huh, huh…