After Boston, Des Linden tries to win in New York

Ten miles walk into the Rock & # 39; n & # 39; Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon In September, Desiree Linden was about 50 seconds before the end of the second woman, Kelly Taylor. Forty-ten miles, then, touched the right side of his arm, with his mixed mood swings. It fell. She was walking. She stopped.

Many skilled professionals would remove them. Do not hit yourself on the hard day when the target – New York's Marathon – is less than two months old.

However, Taylor started running again, beat for 17 seconds, time 1 hour 11 minutes 50 seconds and a pitch strapped to breathe after coming to the end of the line.

All "was the easiest way," she said last month at her home near Lake Michigan.

Linden is 5-foot-1, but its four voices give it as one of the world's fastest marathons. It is also the owner of the dog and the bourbon collector, and they like short skirts and technology tanks instead of pre-installed equipment and sports games for most professional mariners. It is known for its exchange, power-equaling as metronome-like to speed up and maintain up to milliliters. Avoid watching hours and ask for a 5:34 mile, which can be in a second or two.

Philadelphia in September was a marathon Boston Marathon in April, which reached the Rivers, the 30th and the wind over 25 miles an hour. Linden, who finished second in Boston in 2011, won the two marathon Olympic ranks without the top three, finally it had every day. She became the first American to win the Boston Marathon since 1985, and convinced her victory to be part of Michigan's bad weather training and partly because of the lack of minimalist elite competition.

"I think everyone has felt bad in terms of situations," she said. "But I would like it," & # 39; Are you too tired of yourself, or would you like to make it slowly and this?

Linden, 35, won the Arizona State competition, but not the best – twice a year all-American, but not N.C.A.A. league It passed through the marathoning without stopping on the track, as many skill marathoners do. The first Olympic Games in New York City, Marathon, will be Shalane Flanagan, who won the competition last year and won the 10,000m Olympic Games in 2008, Molly Huddle, who owns the US 10,000-meter record. )

"It was not good at short distances," said his manager, Josh Cox, a former professional. "She passed through that part, and focused on the early career of her career."

This is the reason why it is called a blue competition, Cox said; because she has taken another way to work. But, he added, "I say that they do not have much quality – I can not buy for a second."

American amy Cragg, who won the World Cup in 2017, was his friend Linden of Arizona State and then the 2016 Olympics. College, they would have had a medium-long run – about 12 miles – early in the morning. "We will talk about how to be Olympic, but we are competing for the best in the world," Cragg said. "It was already right for us to talk about, even from this stage."

After winning Boston, Linden went on. They complained of Champagne shoes, and then they were honored with Celtics. It was a Billboard Music Awards award. A few weeks before the New York City Marathon, when many fleeing people could avoid travel and germs, they travel to Austin, Texas, for the US Grand Prix. (She says she and her husband, Ryan Linden, are a great supporter.) She became a United States woman, especially women, who are enjoying sports in terms of everything they do. Interesting Facts: Women are now competing for over racial issues.

For New York, it was at risk. After Boston, she left the Hansons-Brooks Original project, programming with the college. Walt Drenth, her university teacher, currently in Michigan State, is again guiding her.

To prepare for New York, they have trained up to 120 miles per week, such as Hansons-Brooks. They also make "a small part of the exercise, some little bit higher, but not to strengthen," said Netherlands international. She has already built a fence before, for example, in Kenya in 2014, but now she has chosen to build her closer to home, running along the coast of Charlevoix, Mich. There is no snow, rain or heat & no night or night at the end Filling up its circle.

"I felt like I absolutely have to wait while the earth, and that is a real opportunity to endanger and see if I can hit a bit higher," she said. "Let's see if there is anything else we can squeeze. Possession of new eyes is useful."

She also said the current beauty of the Hansons-Brooks team is not suitable. In April, right before the Boston Marathon, the group signed Dathan Ritzenhein, according to the United States Department of Anti-Doping Service, violating drug laws in Nike and the Oregon project.

"I would like to tell you how best to be on Sunday, I hope it's getting bigger," said Ritzenhein. "It's a fantastic competition, the park is really amazing, and I am very happy with the United States, especially Des."

Linden was marathon of the New York Marathon Marathon 2014. It finished fifth, but later Boston, is one of the most popular contenders for this year's competition. She does not do it. There are a lot of drama in the famous marathon because they know how difficult it is to compete, she said. "I am jailed for everybody because you know what's going on."

After New York, Linden will focus on the Marathon Olympic Games in Atlanta March 2020. It is essential for its competitiveness after the Olympics, as it may be the club, which is unnecessary for the qualities of Jordan's 27-year-old Hasay. Similarly, Sally Kipyego, a Kenyan-born in the city, who stands for the competition, is now a US citizen who can be a challenge.

Linden vowed not to tolerate it by allowing people to talk about what it was.

"I do not want to be a surgeon, slowly down, just just showing that it is," she said. "If the purpose is unreasonable, I see myself turning to my own race as an ultraviolet or a gigantic device and you can not compare yourself to yourself."