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Alcohol is in our community, and it's hard to find a public place without seeing a drink or giving a drink. Alcohol is broken by the liver by enzme called dehydrogenase. Different people in this enzyme deal with alcohol consumption and can grow the body's overall body or skin.

The use of alcohol affects pregnancy problems, liver disease, mood disorders, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, cancer, drug abuse, and physical trauma (for the fetus / other person with anesthesia ). The benefits of alcohol health may be a debate. However, the use of alcohol is likely to have a substantial effect, which has been attributed to 1992 based on the observation of French people to eat high fat foods, but less likely to have heart disease. These cases are marked "Faro-France", and it is thought to be part of the use of red wine.

Avoiding your alcohol?

Alcohol has long been associated with developing headaches, with around three out of ten cases of migraine headaches & # 39; Based on this organization, public studies show that patients with migraine are more likely to drink alcohol than those without migraine. Alcohol is especially a wine drink that has been associated with headaches related to past history, when Celsius (25 B.C.-50 A.D.) has told the headache of the pain after drinking alcohol. Though many believe, there is very little research evidence to support belief that alcohol is highly fatal and has a higher fever than other types of alcohol.

The research suggests that red wine, but not white white, is a self-contained independent headache while drinking less than 30% of the population. Low quality temperatures can cause headaches because of the presence of phenolic flavonoid radicals, which can interfere with serotonin, molecule signaling in the brain. In one study, a person's high-frequency alcohol-based diarrhea is more than three times higher than the liver's headache. In some studies, it is seen that the spirits and the marijuana are associated with sober more than the other alcoholic beverages.

Here is the advice of one specialist

I learned about Barb Gustafson, sommelier (a licensed alcoholist) to understand some of the quality of alcohol that might be associated with headaches.

(Barbadu works Paul Mathew Vineyards – yes, there are indeed some works written in the name of California and the same mine itself, but there is no connection.)

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From red wine, Often tell me customers can not drink red wine or sulfites. This is for me. I can not be the real truth, but my area is blocking. It is often the red wine that appears to be associated with headaches. Of course, the number can be checked regardless of the quality. Also, too high should be stressful. Warmemaking is dependent on the mother's milk in the vine, adding a very small amount of sulfur dioxide, allowing alcohol to rise over time. This type of cigarette looks apparently affecting our heads

With the 30-year-old feeling of use and bounds, we've grown to limit high levels of alcohol, very high density, and very heavy loads. While focusing on natural foods and eating together, there are plenty of things to drink for what we drink.

Vaccine: This means you?

It is clear that a large number may contribute to the incidence of headache, and the quality may play a role, but we do not know how every type of alcohol or alcohol affects people with migraine or head ache. As foodstuffs, the possibility of a specific type of alcohol that may cause a headache may be different from person to person. If you are pregnant with a sore throat, talk to your doctor about how alcohol affects them.


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