Alec Baldwin was arrested after disagreeing with the Manhattan parking spa

Director of Alec Baldwin, who won Emmy to condemn President Trump of "Night Night Live", was arrested outside his house in Manhattan on Friday following a dispute over a vacancy, police said.

Mr. Baldwin was brought up for a call for anxiety and violence.

Police said a person had apparently parked a car parked for Mr Baldwin, 60, outside the East 10th Street building between University Place and Broadway, but the other vehicle came to the scene. Police said another driver, 49, and Mr. Baldwin has changed his mind.

The 911 respondents knew that another driver, who had not been identified, was injured in the blast. He was taken to Hillox Hill Hospital and is housed in a stable condition. Jillian Taratunio, a journalist working for Mr. Baldwin, said he did not comment on the incident.

Mr. Baldwin was drawn to the president, "Trump Night" with a week-caadineed, animal cosmetics and lip wounds with. He and the president have spent much time on social media.

Washington, Mr. Trump asked for closure of Mr. Baldwin Jimmy. The president himself – invited the Night Night Live – he stood up and then said, "I would like a lucky one."

Mr. Baldwin has already been arrested by the police.

In 2014, he was arrested after his motorcycle rode on Fifth Avenue near the 16th Street Manhattan. He did not bring identification and the police to the radio's house accused him of mistreating him after saying he was a radical man. Mr Baldwin wrote on Twitter that he was complaining about the arrest, saying, "If you do not have N.Y when they send you a call, they can take it."

Mr. Baldwin played the Machiavellian sports journal entitled "30 Rock," running the NBC between 2006 and 2013. He is the Alec Baldwin Show Show in ABC.

It is also a podcast host "Here is the Transition," and the hosting program for the New York Philharmonics. Over the years, he announced sounds that people connecting their mobile phones were shut down before the orchestra celebrated with their Lincoln Center.

But he got the most attention from his "Night Night Live," night show at the NBC show. Mr. Baldwin took the role of the year 2016 when Mr Trump was a candidate. Mr. Baldwin, who watched the competition in Trump as he was prepared to nominate Mr. Trump said in December 2016 that he paid $ 1,400 every time he had been in the showpiece.

Mr Trump wrote on his Twitter account that he was "hitting" himself and Mr Baldwin. "Baldwin is a vague lie, sad," the president wrote on Twitter on 2016.

In March, the president wrote on Twitter that he was "suffering from those who were forced to watch."

Mr. Baldwin, who interviewed with the Hollywood newspaper, responded to the question of how much he could take Trump as he said, "Every time I do it, it's so bad, I do not know."

On Friday, a spokesperson for the program will not comment if Mr Baldwin is scheduled to appear on Saturday.

Mr Baldwin spoke on MSNBC's 2013 program, but He was fined after having posted a photo with Mr. Baldwin used a spouse. The photographer tried to draw pictures of Mr. Baldwin and his wife and children outside.