Amazon is launching a work program for Indian military veterans

# 39; E-commerce & # 39; Amazon India announced on Monday that it has launched a National Military Service program that will create job opportunities for military veterans and their spouses across executive centers, divisions and delivery centers in India.

"Amazon India is partnering with the Office of the Director General of Resettlement (DGR) and the Army Reserve Organization (AWPO) to create continuing employment opportunities for military families across the country," the report said.

Over the years, Amazon India has hired the military for a variety of roles in the company in terms of transportation, customer execution, facility management and security operations to name a few, said Amazon Vice President – Operations Asia Akhil Saxena.

"Two pilot programs are underway, and we are confident of eliminating the Army Recruitment Program, and will increase our capacity to hire amazing talent from the Army, Air Force, Navy and families in the future," he added.

Globally, Amazon has more than 1700 veterans and spouses actively engaged in the program.

A spokesman for the DGR said "The MoU between DGR and Amazon India is in the final stages of approving and participating in Amazon in all upcoming work competitions across India and is approved by DGR," a DGR spokesman said.