An Epic Urban MTB Freeride Through France With Fabio Wibmer

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When Fabio Wibmer travels on his own trip to France you can expect a banger after banger. From Lyon, the capital of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, events motorcycle Austrian has up to Paris, while sending a stairs and then he pulled some boodboodyo until the end of the walked in the famous Eiffel Tower.

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Starting with the famous 25 stairs Lyon Fabio sets the course for everything to come. The 4.5-meter and 6.7-meter high stairs became famous for the skateboard and the sports community when Ali Boulala first tried to post in 2002. Only learned about skating and never tried a great bike, try Fabio it was action of unknown territory.

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"Life in the Freeride 3 is definitely the thing soosaaradaydii worst yet. It is to improve fuulitaankeyga not limit restricted to implement some of these vaccines. The shot French French boys was fun, but always it is not easy "We have certainly seen some very serious and difficult situations to deal with." – Fabio Wibmer

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