An unusual double-storey house called Cube inside a Cube created by a hundred architects in the Czech Republic

In a quiet neighborhood in the area of ​​Dob aaggaíš, a city in the Czech Republic, the new architectural team in the hundred architects recently completed a Cube home design project for its unique character and style. his actual building.

Along the way, what visitors see is the "layer" of the house. This is a lightweight structure made of pieces of wood that are naturally finished and hanging between the supports supporting the flow of glass and the surface. The development process of this unique structure is called Za Vetrnikem Dobris for its entire creation.

The purpose of committees is multi-faceted. First, the designers wanted to create a home (which eventually became a series of apartments in a custom-designed neighborhood) with a clear identity and style. The purpose was to create buildings that are blind to the eyes, and stand in their lowest form and physically visible to hold the human eye.

Second, the purpose of the panels around the house was to give residents the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular view of the surrounding area. The designers wanted to make sure people were looking for a new playground to enjoy this view anywhere around the house, looking in every direction of the house as a base. Outlook looga clearly visible through the furrows with a structure under natural wood and earth outside.

In addition, the designers wanted to give the home a sense of privacy. While the home is not necessarily the same as other buildings such as, say, a tight space within the city, the team still wanted to create a sense of escape from the occupants, allowing them to enjoy the outdoors by not feeling like they are watching. The space between the wooden planks allows them to see beyond the privacy boundary while also being protected from public eyes to feel safe and homesick.

Finally, the wood around the house (also a chair behind the woods, hence the name of the house) was built in a deliberate manner. While the neighborhood is part of the city's landscape, it is not a good attitude and perspective. The natural wood of the body helps the house blend in with its natural surroundings forever and not too far from the green plants.

Currently, the entire two-story project consists of three separate apartments. The first was such success in design, work, and decoration that the project was expanded throughout the building, which will have additional levels in the future. An additional six units are planned as part of ongoing development efforts on the outskirts of the City of Dobris.

Inside the home, an air-conditioned passage leads to the locker room. After that, the guest bathroom is furnished with a beautiful, bright basement room that can be used as a guest bedroom or study space for those who work at home. As they pass through these, visitors meet in the center of the home community, near the back of the house.

The basic social settings of the home have sharing and an open mind. Instead of closing each other, the living room, kitchen, and dining room all have free movement between them, making them a central hub for family activities and daily activities.

Upstairs, guests experience two wings. The first is for children or visitors, consisting of two bedrooms and a bathroom. Down the hall is a special wing for parents. This has a large living room with a bedroom and a dressing room with toilet facilities. The floors hit the mark between privacy and open thought.

Besides working on open concept ideas, designers also wanted to break down the barriers between indoor and outdoor spaces. This is why there is a type of door that exits the outside door to the outside or the activity area of ​​any room on the ground floor, while every room on the top floor has direct access to the exterior or balcony.

The outdoor areas are exactly the same as the front face of the home decor. Some areas are open space for storing equipment. Some locations show furniture & # 39; patio furniture & # 39; and is designed to interact with the community or the quiet times of the sun. Others, like their point in the gym ring, are dedicated to physical activity and movement. The aim is to give local people a little bit, but also give them confidence, all while encouraging them to enjoy the fresh air whenever possible.

Photos by Alexandra Timpau