Andy Samberg is closing our Winter Topics

Andy Samberg all ready for our cover of our March-present article.

In our cover story, writer Mickey Rapkin is catching up with the Hollywood mogul, producer, and father of screenwriting in Hollywood Hills.

He said: “I've been working a lot Men's Magazine. From a star of the Year that happened Palm Tree, his role as Jake Peralta in the Emmy-winning sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Samberg has not shown any signs of slowing down, with a new season of NBC shows.

"A lot of people are like, & # 39; I love watching United Kingdom Store and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. & # 39; Do you know what? I get that. I can totally see it. That's kind of a big selling point Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It's the same Parks and Woods that way. In many ways, it is a non-existent utopia but many of us really would like to exist. It is good to live in that space.

We bring him back to Samberg, too, in his early days SNL ("Boring Sunday"), who turns 20 years old with his video group & # 39; Lonely Island & # 39; (Collaboration is how we remain friends, says Samberg), and much more.

(Read Samberg's full cover story.)

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You can see all the things this new restaurant near you – not moogaadin the dhigashadayada John Turturro, our Spring Season Analysis & # 39;, interviews with Tony Concert-group drama and Black star Lake Gurira, Call the well & # 39; source& # 39; S Bob Odenkirk, and more.

Photographer Peter Yang

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