Apartment Apartment in New York, created by Crosby Studios, provides us with a wonderful set of designs

Brooklyn, New York, designers and crosby Studios Crosby Studios have renovated a single yellow bedroom to create new homes in New York, the appearance of its modern looks and colorful colors!

Of course, when you hear "colorful colors", the brain may move to a more flexible pattern with bright colors. On the contrary, the designers have chosen to stand in their own house to connect with the way it implements racism through the use of a blue screen in a blue bar in a few eyes.

The blue color can be a standard color, but the difference between them is never a bad thing, even when trying to build a strong topic. That is, because, you're blue, with a variety of red colors can be found more famous. A red window between the rooms and the food is blocking the blue part, while the entertainment theme of the table is on the wall of the chair.

The image and weight are important for this port. Some parts are perfectly organized, such as a beautiful jewelry screen, while others are made of unusual, such as a circular oil in the food table made in the blue lines in every blue playground.

Now, to combine the red and blue feeling even more, the red-pink red window really does not appear in a white wall. In fact, it also balances the color of the room with a soft soft lace when the light is off and goes through the glass. This provides everything in a beautiful voice rosooga while continuing to broadcast parts of the blue as it is.

According to the designer, his color choices are due to the sincerity of the colors he liked and he served well in the old project. He wanted to give every opportunity to shine to shine, but also adds one of his favorite places to a even more spectacular appearance and pleasant atmosphere. The end and color of the following details will be selected by the appropriate color of the colors that he / she proposed to work best; That is why you see more than one gold in here.

While many households may push things down in the kitchen and use a moderate to build home, they plan to choose to oppose here. The blue appliances are built around and with the same utility and utensils, which provide more space for the kitchen than we ever see.

Blue molds from the kitchen and room in front of the room, of course, are in the wonderful sitting of the play again with the subject and the end. Although the session itself is attention, easy to clean vinyl, disconnect the dust with a cotton material to make a little bit even though it correctly lights illuminate.

Generally, the use of color colored cameras working on the creative art of many artists in the walls provides a whole building with a beautiful and delicate atmosphere.

Photos by Mikhail Loskutov