Apartment Port Suzhou Shilu JSP Design Design Project

Instead of building a high-rise building in central Jiangsu, Japan, GPT Architectural Design designs tend to create modern ultra-modern ultra-modern, superbly-designed, and community-based experience at the Community Apartment Suzhou Shilu Community Project "!

This wonderful new building was created using a home-based apartment building. The first step in the new project was to produce stereotypes on the original building, and this would look like a gown, at & # 39; and unwanted. Designers preferred to cut the newer designs & # 39; pedestal & # 39; the newest to create clusters of the plant, may be creating a 3D plant.

Another place in the original plan that was stored in the base but modified and modified was the center of the community. This is located in a kitchen ranch kitchen managed by a public workshop, which is well balanced in the open field garden. Black and white spots on the outer walls of the pavilion creates visual trends such as windy waters.

Spaces around the leisure time, spa-like effect & # 39; has been done by completing most of the garbage collection areas with natural colors and lightweight hardwares that require hardwares. This creates modern modern communications as well as retains a sense of security in traditional parks found in ancient cities.

Cars and parks are not just for gardening! The real building has a fireplace as well. This site has a unique purpose for drinking in the city and even the natural environment that is suitable for hosting visitors when the tenants visit friends. The picture frame is covered with a clear, clear, coastal area, with a sense of stability in the area surrounded by mirror sunglasses, birds, and other beaches. This site has become popular in the city, because there is no real quick plastic bag available in the area.

One of the key priorities of the community building community was to block the internet. The idea is therefore to create good housing, fresh & cut-off, so that the internet connection is absolutely necessary. Much of the building, such as the site's gym, shopping at nearby shops, and the use of sound restaurants, are provided by the wifi and mobile phone.

Although the hallways and escalators are only available to tenants, the basement is located in a shopping area, many electronic services, and a fully-equipped community garden. This makes it possible to share it with people all day long without staying away from all their rooms if they do not feel it. It creates a broad sense of community inside community building!

One of the most commonly used workshops in the community is to apply for food at the Food Court, food service 24 hours outside of the construction site building, and look for modern, modern sports facilities. Decorating is doubtless, but also a heavy and sportive, green environment surrounding each level.

Apart from the general public areas we described, tenants are given a lot of things outside the normal collaboration when they enjoy their home. There are "Cards of Car Seats" decorated with bright white gloves with black and light mirrors, providing technical skills. There are also "rainfall points in the woods, wooden lights, tops, and wooden details that feel warm and comfortable." You might prefer the easy seat to allow them tenants break into the congestion of the narrow strawberry plant when they first come back to the community after a busy day to another place before they actually come back home.

In decorating and constructing homes, designers have chosen to sort out their choices for young youth in the typical surrounding area. They prefer Nordic design details and MUJI style details to create space for young, intelligent, high quality, and unique young people.

Domestic flats, Nordic influence creates sense of transparency. Cosmetics are included in the most important and one-on-one activities to save space and increase efficiency, almost up to the level of eligibility as living permits. Instructions are simple, the patterns are flexible, and the details are a symbol of local mechanical signs. Places are simple and effective, but they are still attractive until they feel they are good even though they are older. This is more than just doing a variety of public places outside the doorsteps of the rooms!

Images provided by the designer.