Are 10 out of 10 Women Really Right in Dresses?

Walk the Victorian Intelligence, and hundreds of different colors, in the lions' choice of coats and put them on the tables – braket, demi-cup, wireless, racer back, sport, strapless – will swallow. But before you take some iron to try it, you need to estimate the size you wear occurring xajmigaaga.

Victoria's Secret Service staff, along with many scientists and even, well-known, Oprah, say you have a 20 percent chance of making the right choice. That figure – the idea that 80 percent of women wear the wrong size – has been in the minds of consumers for decades, making it a product that no one seems to solve.

That's because the statistics are dense.

Investigators and vendors acknowledged that the 80 percent figure is not unreasonable, but that they often use it to indicate a widespread problem: Inappropriate banks.

Carrie Gergely, who has really worked as Victoria's Secret and warehouse manager from 2003 to 2008. Ms. Gergely realized that the size of the logo was not the real issue. Knowing how to find the right fit was.

"There are not many scientific papers available that have effectively explored the issue of proper metals and the number of women wearing crooked curls," Mar Burk said in an interview. Anecdotally, she sees "hundreds and hundreds of women" coming into her lab struggling with upright issues.

Like Ms. Gergely, Dr. Burger said the issue is not that people simply wear the wrong size but often do not know how to ensure the best. "Women will be different in different hats," she said. "I may have three or four different heroes depending on what I wear and what the product comes from."

The standards & # 39; s can be frustrating, but it also gives women more opportunities to find patterns and styles that work for them.

If fitness is relative, why are the editors still prepared for the idea of ​​the right size?

Online companies love it IIILove and Run & Co. promise that shoppers can find the fit of their bedroom rather than the appropriate room. Both & # 39; IIILove and True & Co. look at them an inclusive measure to encourage women to shop for Fit Finder (ThirdLove) and Fit Quiz (True & Co.), which recommends breast-based heroes, with "teardrop" or "bottom" names. happy. "

It is a new way for the clothing industry, with the couple and size being larger than the widespread marketing of fashion. But, like the Art of Victoria, they convey the same thing: wearing the wrong size and that they can help you find the right one.

"We have always been focused on this idea, & # 39; Are you closing the correct size? & # 39;" said Heidi Zak, co-founder and chief executive officer of & # 39; LLLL & # 39; In Zak, the company has repeatedly used the idea that people are dressed in the wrong size of marketing.To see statistics as an invitation for shoppers to find functional metal, not advice.

I think we've really trained as a woman, & # 39; If you don't wear the cookie size of the go, then there's nothing for you, "she said. sells steel in standard AA I sizes, including a half-cup selection.

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Cora Harrington, author of "Detailed Details: How to Choose, Wear, and Love the Neighbor" and blog editor Lingerie Addict, discusses the sheer number of 80-plus extras in her book. She couldn't be sure, and she didn't care to repeat the numbers of people who made her feel like they had failed before they even started shopping.

Ms. Harrington said: "I heard that statistic at least while I was writing about sexuality," Ms. Harrington. Designing the right metal for the job, she said, or how women are behaving, or don't really know their body, is not "inviting people to come and learn more about bras."

Marring Harrington recognizes that buying sulfur can be difficult but says there has never been a better time to do so. Online shopping means that people are not limited to the choices available in their neighborhood, and these types of prom dresses now show larger lines than D. cups (Rihanna Savage x Fenty line does.)

Ms. Harrington recommends reading reviews from books or online sites, try as much as possible and go to specialist stores where expert experts can provide you with feedback and new options. She says that whenever you find a style you like, you can look for discounted colors from the past, but it also encourages people to support the nest when they can.

Finding the right metal is difficult not only because the size varies with the brand, but also because the measurements are similar.

LaJean Lawson, a scientist and adviser to Champion's sportswear brand, explained that the size of a cup is usually based on the difference between the size of the waist and the waist (below the rib cage and the full breast area). The cup is measured by volume, and, in a nutshell, that size can stay as you go down the size and magnitude of a cup, or increase the size of the bar and lower the cup.

This is called sister measurement, and it means that, in theory, the 34C can have the same size as 32D or 36B. But bras can vary widely depending on the pattern and size of the straps, how your breast volume is distributed to your body and, again, using it.

With all of these variables in the game, you may be surprised to find that the size that works best for you is very different from the one you're wearing. To simplify the label, location It looks like the Bra Brats, an outlet of the Reddit community known as A Bra that Fits, showcases photos submitted by visitors to show how different dimensions can look. When you are serving yourself, be open to different attempts.

Because there are so many different variations in shapes and sizes, finding comfort and support includes trial and error. (Wirecutter, a New York Times review site, has suggestions on how to shop for bras and make sure it is fit.)

But it can also mean accepting that as your body changes during menstruation, pregnancy or changes in normal weight, your iron levels may change. Experts such as Linda Becker, who fits Linda's dress code in Manhattan, recommend reviewing your iron level every six months.

Ultimately, there is no shortcut to finding the right search. But if your metal doesn't fit, Ms. Harrington said, "It's not your fault."

I feel that if more companies and brands say it, it might be easier for people.

Finding the right metal is smart. Staff at Wirecutter, the review site of The New York Times, spoke with a variety of experts including clothing shop owners, professionals and even biomechanics, to try to make sense of it. do. Here are some techniques and strategies learned looga reporting different types of bras. – Anna Perling

  • Most of the metal support comes from the band, and as such, the band has to crack. You need a few fingers that are worth (half an inch or a half) in the back room. If you can keep a group away from your body, try a smaller size. Keep the key in the right place so you can tighten the group as the material is longer.

  • The dressing should be parallel to the floor and not up. Raise your hands over your head to make sure it fits right here. If the team is up, it can be huge, and if it feels uncomfortable, it can be less.

  • The ropes should be sharp, not drilled or slipped. You can adjust the height accordingly.

  • The straps should not be on your chest, sit on your breast or dig at your sides. If they do, try the size of a large cup.

  • When used with a metal detector, gore (the middle white that joins the two cups) should extend to the center of your chest. If it leaks from your body, your breasts may be too large or too small (you can look for other good signs to determine if you are lifting or lowering). ), or you may just need to try some other method or feature.

  • The cups should be on the breast evenly, without creating bumps or bumps on your sides or the upper part of your chest. Breaking it means you need a cup size or less. Baggy cups or wraps are a sign that great metals are. Spilling on the surface and sides means a cup is too small.

  • To make sure everything stays true to your hero, Iris Clarke of Iris Lingerie in Brooklyn recommends using scoop and swoop. Once you have the iron, take the breast hand to the side, placing it in the cup and below the rim, then sew or knead the top of your cupcake cell to allow it to settle. It sounds unusual, but it does make a difference – the breasts are dead weight, so you need to get them naked where you want them to be.

  • Because one's breasts can be of uneven size, Ms. Clarke suggests that you fit on your big breast so that you do not pour a cup.

  • For more tricky facts, some retailers and retailers offer easy replacements for shoulder straps, bars or cups. The fee varies, so we recommend you apply for a quote (or two).

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